6000 posts

Coming up for me.

There was a time when my posts were a quarter of all the posts here. I'm glad to say that it is more like 1/40 now.

There will be three prizes for guessing when my 6,000th post will be.

Say approximate value $20, $10 and $5. Might be more. Won't be less

I have no idea when that post will be. And have no intention of changing my posts to suit.

The closest three guesses will win. As in date. If two people choke the same ate - we'll work on the time (BST).Sorry for those folks who are asleep when I am awake. Look up when I have posted.

Post your guesses here.

The first person to choose a date/time correctly will win. As will the second and third.

Edit: April 4th. If I go past the date/time of your first guess, feel free to enter again.

Edit 2: 7th April.

The current version of the rules which overrides all others here.

Everyone can have two guesses which will be entered into the draw.

There'll be a cutoff at 5920 posts from me.

Before that - pick a date. I'd avoid April 21st and 22nd as there are already three entries for each of these. I'd kind of like it to be April 22nd as that's my mother's 80th birthday - and it is Foy's birthday as well.

Just out of nosiness, how old will you be on April 22nd Foy?

After the 5920 post cutoff, people who have already guessed a date that I have gone past can have another guess till I hit 5960 posts when I'll cut off all subsequent entries. So after 5920 posts if one of your guesses has been passed you can have another one. If both of your guesses have been passed by then, you can have two more guesses. As long as I've not hit 5960 posts.

Does that sound workable?

If not, I'm open to suggestions.

june 13

On the list. First one on it which is probably worth a bonus if you get it right.

May 4th.

May 25

april 16th

have you thought of contacting Guinness - no, not for the posts....or for a free 4 pack....for the guys that keep records on the owner of the most flashlights :)

May 6th. at 10:00PM WET

What's the cut-off date for accepting guesses?

Or most will wait till you are closest to 6000 posts before adding their guess.

may 11/2012

April 22nd @ 23.39hrs lol


I may add that I have no idea when that post will be. My posting rate has varied a lot. I've posted here for two years and eleven weeks as of now and have put up 5864 posts in that time.

Lately (As in the last nine months) my posting rate has slowed.

This post will be close to my 5850th.

Do NOT use my previous posting rate as a guess. It will almost certainly be wrong.

I intend to forget about this comp till close to the time.

Remind me when I am in the 5950+ posts region. PMs welcome.

Feel free to post a day already posted. The assistant will choose between those.

Times on that day will not be counted. The assistant will choose between them.

If anyone knows how to bribe a giant schnauzer for such a draw please, please let me know.

I have a lot of reasons which have nothing to do with this draw to want to find out.

My guess is April 30th, 21:00 UTC.

Doubt it will be that soon. There are no limits to guesses though.

I have no plan. So feel free to guess as many times as you like.

Every guess will be in the draw.

I don't care about the time. Just choose a date.

Everyone who gets the right date will have to bribe the assistant.

I will draw randomly from those who choose the right day. As in the 24 hours between 00:00 BST and 23:59BST on that day.

Who only accepts what I feed her as bribes.

If anyone can think of a crazy way to choose between those who get it right that I can film - I'm doing it. The assistant is up for it too. So anything that involves me and herself is a plan.

I know how to bribe a schnauzer.

But can it get here before the draw?

Dieta is the final arbiter....

She only gets to choose between the people who get the right day/week/month/year/decade/century.

For those who have already put in a guess, I will assume the year 2012. Given the way I talk too much, I'd be surprised if I don't hit 6000 posts by June 2012.

But it might be later. Or sooner.

Okay, maybe you'll get there by May 21, 23:00 local time Scotland.

May 20th

May 18th, 2012

Don't care about the time. Just the date.

For the folks who get the date right - the assistant will choose between them.