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April 18th 2012 :)

April 27, 2012 21:11 GMT

cinco de mayo

My guess will be the most anticipated/celebrated day of the year . . . Foy's birthday: April 22.

Well, it used to be anticipated. Now it's mostly ignored and best forgotten.


It looks like it is going to be no later than 14th April.

My guess would be April 23, 2012.

Congratulations to Don! And also many, many thanks for your kind, helpful posts from the very inception of this forum. BLF wouldn't be the place it is now without you, Don.

May 24th.............

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wow ...you have said it all at least once . :P


May 16th (2012)

How about May 29th. Thanks for the wisdom imparted, Don! I hope the assistant is doing better after her procedures.

May 8th

may 13th

She's doing fine. She had her stitches out on Monday. The tumour was benign and apparently the histology folks could tell that there weren't any others. No idea how they do that.

The wounds are healing nicely and she's leaving them alone which is good.

She's still on limited exercise and a diet - she has to lose another 3-4kg. She's not enjoying the diet much. But her bowl has never been so clean - it gets licked spotless at every meal.

Through mathematical interpolation it should be in (5870 posts in 870 days) ... 17-18 days.... so I say April 21 th 14:00 CET. So your job is to post like a clockwork now. ;-)

I'll go for 4/13 21:00

Commence to postin' now, Don.

1st of May. 1/5/2012

6000?! It's a lot of flashlight-talking!

My guess is 29 of April (or 4/29 if you prefers date in MM/DD format)

May 8 seems like DonDay to me.

EDIT: Second guess is April 29


April 26