8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

We’ll have to see what he says, but he’s clearly bi-lingual, and the forum is English, so I imagine he’s ok with creating an English message.

Massage is “לך” which is simply “Go”, not sure if it is considered as political
The LEDs are planed to be inside the letters so there is no option to switch the massage

BTW is is she, not he :slight_smile:

Apologies for the gender assumption. I guess "go" is very non-specific and cannot be viewed as political without context. With no political context as such i feel this is acceptable as an entry though the device rides the boundary of applicable builds in that it's purpose is not to illuminate the environment. Having said that i personally want to see the build and additionally we've just had discussion on how to include more people. I hope there is enough time to finish your build FearOfTheDark and welcome to the challenge :-)

My English teacher in college taught us “he” wasn’t always male, it was also the default when the gender is unknown. A quick Google search reveals that a mess has developed and the APA now recommends speaking in plurals to avoid the issue. That’s news to me.

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Please add me to the modified lights category! Sunnysunsun's 8th Old Lumens Modified Light Entry [Completed]

Welcome aboard Sunnysunsun :slight_smile:

Just a general memo. I have contacted some of the sponsors to clarify the prizes on offer.

Here’s my entry for the modified category: The tint-adjustable D4v2

Welcome to the challenge tterev3 :slight_smile:

Last weekend to finalize your builds

After several months of being stupid busy I actually got some time to myself. 2 days in fact. So like a right git I wasted the first day doing stuff all…. but today I made the effort to do something hobby related….

Still in the thick of building it but at least i’ve made a start. I don’t have a deadline like some of you folks :wink: :smiley:

Can’t see your pic, pinkpanda

Edit: it’s showing up for me now

Image appears for me….

My hopes are still high

Please count me in in Hand Made category.

I made a mess and seems to be a game over but technically I still have a few hours to finish it right?

My modified flashlight is now finished. I will call it the DDH ML778SL. Skylight's 8th BLF OL contest entry, modified flashlight [DDH ML778SL FINISHED]

Thanks to everyone who organised this 8th OL contest and to all the nice people on BLF.

It has been an awesome experience to participate in this year’s contest.

Well it’s the final day today, I hope those of you who have not finished have some luck today finding last minute bits, finishing last minute jobs.
Those 3 months shot by lol! I have enjoyed entering, and loved looking through all the entries, we certainly have some imaginative, ingenious people on here - not to mention, kind helpful and encouraging.
Thanks to PP for running it - still unsure what’s going on judging wise? are you sticking to the members of the site deciding or are there some secret judges like last year?

All will be revealed I’m sure. :wink:

Thank you all for entering, that is what keeps this going. :+1:

While I’m finishing my build, I read that the contest is closed. Congrats to the participants who finished their builds/mods!

I’ll still continue my build no matter what. Feel free to put me off the list. It was nice rush days :smiley: