8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

Woohoo another entry to the OL-comp. I will update OP when I’m a little more sober

I have an inconsistency in my project: I was going to use an aluminium pill, which is not permitted according to the rules.

Therefore, my entry will not be valid for the hand made category!

Please, do no’t add it there. Actually, given that it is a “central” part of my build, please do not consider my entry as I don’t have a different way to do it :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry for the “false alarm” entry :zipper_mouth_face:

Oh no, I was excited to see your build take shape, MascaratumB! I hope another idea strikes you.

Dam! That’s just disappointing and I haven’t even sobered up yet :cry: Can I put it in another category?

If nothing else, it could go in the Mod category, right? Certainly better than not entering at all.

Well, thanks for your words, and I may continue the project, though :wink: I am using one of you drivers, so I’ll see what I can do!

Ahah, sorry for ruinin the sobering process :smiley:
I’ll reply below!

I don’t think it is fair as I am not using an already made flashlight to be modded.
This was supposed to be a from scratch build but I didn’t notice the pill was not allowed.
Therefore, I guess It wouldn’t be fair to be put in the modded category. Unless it could be seen as “I’ll mod these pieces of wood to become a flashlight”, or “I’ll mod this pill from the inside out” :smiley: eheheh

Thanks for your words folks! I’m still continuing the project, but I feel like it is not suitable for the contest !
I’ll be back next year :wink:

That’s pretty close to what djozz did. Pretty much an entirely scratch build except he reused a battery tube from a flashlight so it went into the Modified category.

You’re in a similar boat to me - I haven’t actually made mine on the lathe, just stolen threads really and drilled 1 nipple. Mine isn’t going to look machine made, because it isn’t.
Mine kinda swims between all 3 categories since I used a penlight for the donor parts lol!

Maybe there can be a ” Frankenstein light category ” at some point. A mix of more that one category that would allow flexibility for the competition. I do feel that we still need to have as many competitors as possible in each category and only add a category if demand is present.
It may be necessary to have a poll or vote to gather interest. Just a suggestion…… :wink:

So, I’ve been working on my project all the afternoon/night, and it is almost done. It is a fully functional “flashlight”, that uses a pill.

Given what was said above, in particular gchart (about djozz) and G0OSE, could my “build” be considered as a modified light then?

If so, I documented all the process and can put it one thread in the “Modified Light Category”!
If not, no problem at all, the fault was mine for misreading!

I will be looking to hear from the organization, please :slight_smile:

At CNCman, I guess my build could be a “frankenlight” indeed :smiley:

Thanks again for all the words here :+1:

Great to see you competing MascaratumB :smiley:
You guys contribute so much here at BLF :slight_smile: , keep carrying that Old Lumens Torch :+1:

Hello, sorry for the delayed response. I’ve slept on it and sobered up ….err… I mean thought about it some more :innocent:

I’ve had a couple of questions along similar lines ” can i just use this one part / do this one thing without jumping categories? It’ll make it sooo much easier for the rest of the build ” The rules seem pretty clear cut to me so I’ll continue to take the hard line to make it fair to all the persons who have previous asked (and might’ve altered their build to suit).

@MascaratumB I can still add your build to the mod category if you wish but it looks like you’ve removed the build specs in your thread. Alternatively if you come up with another idea before the end of the comp you are still welcome join.

What i will do is open a discussion thread regarding the rules for next year. I was going to do it after this years comp was finished but I guess we should open discussion while it’s a hot topic. I will not change this year’s rules so the contest is consistent and fair.

Rules discussion thread

Thank you for your words and explanation! :slight_smile:

Well, as my thread isn’t locked, I will probably use it to make the thread under the Modified Light Category! I saved the information I had there, and now I can add it again with the due changes

During the day I was working on the build and finished it so the thread will be “complete”… Sorry, no excitement to see what’s next :person_facepalming:

I will do it when I wake up and I will refer it here on this thread to make it official :+1:

Once again, thank you !!!

I am back to the contest, under the Modified Light Category! :innocent:

This is the build thread :

Sorry for all the nuisance before :zipper_mouth_face:

My project is finished! [06 - 12 –2020]

Name: WooDJewl :smiley:

I think we need a prize for the cutest teenyweeny 13mm pill lol! :stuck_out_tongue: :person_facepalming: Bless it’s little cotton socks!

Aww, it’s just a wee little pill.

That seems a dancing pill :wink:
Sweet, I like it! Nice job :wink:

Less than a month to go everyone! If you missed it we had another entry by EasyB :arrow_right: It’s coming into the silly season so everyone stay safe :beer: