8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

Yes please! :slight_smile:

Great to have you aboard djozz :sunglasses:

Just getting started, I had upgraded the reflector to a 86mm and it arrived yesterday. So I will be starting the build today. :wink:

Ooh upgrading before the build has even started… nice :laughing:

Upgrading or changing before starting the build has the advantage of not wasting effort ias would happen if the build had already started or been completed. I have been thinking about a possible change. This time a change of choice, not one forced upon me by a materials failure.

So, I am just asking if there is any rule or reason that I should not redo my light entry to the point of making virtually all new parts and assemblies? What has been done so far would pretty much be ignored except for a few small portions. I would make notes in the first posted message that things changed and to jump to where the newer concept starts. Only the newer light would be the entry.

I know, crazy.

Hmm... changing course during a build is not so strange but doing a major redesign after the build is finished is a little unusual. Off the top of my head I don't recall seeing that before. But that doesn't mean it cannot be done. Providing you use at least some small parts (or one large part...?) then effectively its just a very late change to a handmade light. Have at it :-)

Now I’m feeling like a slacker !

You're a slacker no more, Rdubya18 :-) Welcome to the comp

Between deer season and the holidays, I know the end of November and December will disappear fast. So I’m trying to crank through mine quickly. Hopefully I can get this near completion in the next few days.

  • Sat Nov 14: conceptual design established
  • Sun Nov 15: materials assembled and rough testing
  • Mon Nov 16 (so far): firmware tweaks

Also… bump! The more the merrier in this. Let’s keep the tradition going. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Heck, make a portable potato light or something (a potato counts as a battery, right?). You guys (and gals) can do this!

I have been working so many hours havent had time to even mow my lawn. Another week or 2 the hours should drop back a bit and I will have some time.

Come on guys! About a month left!

I just completed my build :smiley:

Boogered mine up “ fixing it “ As soon as new driver arrives , I’ll be back on it .

gchart , congrats ! Your build came out nice .

Ok, I’m gonna join as a last minute one, and it’s kinda part made now - I just need some advice as to what cat to put it in lol.
It was an old broken penlight. I have harvested a reflector, switch and driver from it. the rest is binned.
I have (not going to lie) used my lathe a tiny bit, but it isn’t machining - more harvesting threads from plumbing fitting as i can’t turn threads.
Most of it is hand made though lol!
Which cat to put it in ? :person_facepalming: (I presume machine made as I lightly used the lathe?) I’ll leave it to PP lol!

Great to have you aboard G0OSE. I’ve put your build in the Machined category as you suspected. The bright side of that is if you need to touch up the lathe again ……

Nah, I have trying my best to avoid using it, I initially started off entirely by hand just some stuff was proving impossible by hand, like drilling out the 1/4” nipples to 10.5mm to allow an aaa through, to say there was a hair width left between doing it and ruining the threads is an understatement - so it had to go on the lathe as any run out was catastrophic……. :person_facepalming:
I will do a couple of reducing bits on the lathe, but the finish I think will be by hand.
As son as my ammonia arrives I’ll be testing further on patina’s.

A drill press is listed as one of the accepted electrical tools in hand made category. . It doesn't specify how you use the tool(s) . So if you rig up a part and use it as a lathe of sorts ( Old-Lumens style ;) ) then that's fine.

Well, this is my entry…for a bump in this thread :smiley:
Unfortunately my ideas so far a pretty much as my materials to do something worth of an entry, so…I leave you this inspiration :wink:

Now that’s a cool light ! Wish I understood the circuitry like that .

Dang, he made that look way too easy

I hereby present my entry for this year’s Old Lumens Contest in the Hand Made Category:

Let’s see how this goes :smiley: