8th Old Lumens Challenge is CLOSED !!!

Quick question- was wondering if I can participate in the contest with a lit up sign, as in would that qualify for the handmade category? There are huge protests going on in my country and in the effort of “shedding the light” on our corrupt government I wanted to create a sign with lighting.

Most of the time………

^ Yea, the political sign itself is going to be against the forum rules.

I’d be really curious to hear from sb if there’s a good way for this to work. Blurring the text or something? Not photographing the message portion of the sign? I don’t know. I’m pretty curious about the tech itself…

It is planned to be in Hebrew so 99.9% of BLF members will not understand it

Hmm... I don't think we've had a question like this before. Everyone just accepted the purpose of the device is to illuminate the environment not to illuminate the device. Having said that, the rules do not specifically exclude such devices. A bit of a grey area but i think it'd be interesting to see such a build. With regard to the politically motivated message on the device i have sought a comment from sb to help clarify BLF's position. Until I hear back from admin i will play it safe and say the entry does not qualify at this time. If anything changes i will let you know asap FearOfTheDark

BTW welcome to the forum

I am not going to join the contest (yet), just wishing everyone a good luck and happy flashlight building. Really excited to see the results!

Okay i had a chat with admin. His advice to me was to exercise caution.

So with that in mind, I think it best to not allow this project. Point 3 of the BLF rules - please avoid divisive subjects such as religion and politics. Sorry FearOfTheDark. If you have another idea that’s non- political you’re still welcome to join :slight_smile:

^ Yea I kinda figured. But you could build a low-profile, sideways, or whatever flashlight you had in mind, and only show us the flashlight part of the build. Or maybe with approval, your last image could be the blank sign before the message was added.

I was thinking that too but the whole point of the light is to highlight the message. Catch 22

Perhaps he could have a non-political message for the competition, then swap the message afterwards?
like “You are my sunshine” :slight_smile:

I'd have to have the message verified if it's in Hebrew. A non-political English message would be acceptable if course. I don't know how practical that is for him though.

We’ll have to see what he says, but he’s clearly bi-lingual, and the forum is English, so I imagine he’s ok with creating an English message.

Massage is “לך” which is simply “Go”, not sure if it is considered as political
The LEDs are planed to be inside the letters so there is no option to switch the massage

BTW is is she, not he :slight_smile:

Apologies for the gender assumption. I guess "go" is very non-specific and cannot be viewed as political without context. With no political context as such i feel this is acceptable as an entry though the device rides the boundary of applicable builds in that it's purpose is not to illuminate the environment. Having said that i personally want to see the build and additionally we've just had discussion on how to include more people. I hope there is enough time to finish your build FearOfTheDark and welcome to the challenge :-)

My English teacher in college taught us “he” wasn’t always male, it was also the default when the gender is unknown. A quick Google search reveals that a mess has developed and the APA now recommends speaking in plurals to avoid the issue. That’s news to me.

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