9-9 Updated in OP. 2nd Group Buy of Lumintop SD10 (SD4A)


Button,reflector,lens installed. Still no specs on the drivers yet.

BTY,the rubber button is made by a temporary moulding, massive production could improve much.


Lumintop have changed the design a little. Name also changed to SD4A.

Highest output can be 1,000 lumens, no more info about the driver.



The first batch was limited to 100pcs. This new batch will be 200pcs (only).

Stock Version:

Lumintop page here.

Review by sb @ CPF.

Review by BLF admin.

Review by jmpaul320.

Review by vēer.

Modded by Old-Lumens.

My first thoughts of improvement is below, more thoughts are welcome.


2.More output driver.

3.XPL HI? or even XHP50?

4.Bigger body to fit 4*Eneloop AA well.

5.Button LED with notification of power.


7.Two holes on tail, if only 1 hole, the strip will make it unbalanced while tailstanding.




I want one.

Ill take one . I would like a higher quality (maybe metal?) battery carrier.

I really like the design and form factor of the SD10, but the first BLF-edition had its shortcomings (no moon on eneloops and meh overall output) and however nice it looks, it is on the shelf right now. I keep an alkaline D-cell in it for when the zombie-apocalypse starts and I need a low output long runtime light.

If this new BLF-edition will do 1000+ OTF lumens on four eneloops, has moonlight on all battery types, and has the choice of a nice neutral or even 80CRI led, it may beat my D40A as my favorite 4xAA light!!!

seems nice, multi-configuration for batteries :davie:

It is aluminium battery holder.(carrier)

Will figure out the moon problem.

I’d like to see this happen. I’ve got the first round Lumintop SD10 BLF-SE, but I might get this one, too.

Well spaced modes including a moonlight mode. NW or HiCRI. A holdster would be nice.
I’m in ! :slight_smile:

WOW!! The BLF II SD10… I’m interested too!

I have one BLF SD10 (“First Edition”)…

P.D.: Please include a holster, I’m using the one of my Nitecore EA4

That sounds fantastic. That's the only reason I sold mine. Output was good, great UI, great led tint, great F&F, but the mode gap at lower voltages on 4aa/D was a huge bummer.

Interested , if it fixes the problems of the 1st version and it incorporates further worthwhile improvements.

Thank you Very Much,


How much did the first one sell for ?—Help

I say moonlight… Neutral or warm tint… 4 (or so) well spaced modes… and the ability to run on multiple battery chemistries.

Maybe a XP-L V6 or XM-L2 U4 with 4D, 3D, 3A, 2D, 2A, 1D and 1A tint option even if it cost more?

2nd batch of SD10?
i want one :smiley:

Maybe a 26650 sleeve included for 26650 and C Cell use? If not enough room in the box for another adapter why not have only a 26650 adapter with one of these 18650 to 26650 adapters stuck in it so it will fit in the box?

What does SE mean? Special Edition?

First costed 39$. but this new one might costs a little more. for adding some accessories.

"18650 to 26650" doesn't seem to work in a 32650/D tube. Gap is still there. We provided "18650 to 32650/D" .

Most people have 18650,I think. and it's very simple to use 26650/C. The spring will "lock" the battery, no crack. For safer reason, piece of paper works great.