9 x XM-L flashlight ultrafire uf-f9


Anybody tried this? Probably severely underdriven but it would be cool to mod it with KD’s 9 led driver!

I’m tempted…

Current draw is 9.5A… let’s assume that the spec is true, then it will be only about 1A to each LED, and for XM-L 1A will give about 392 lumens, so it will give 3528 emitter lumens in total. Again let’s assume a 10% loss at reflector and lens, so there will be about 3175 OTF lumens, which is more or less the same with Trustfire X100 while possibly giving lesser throw.

Except this light may give better efficiency (due to the extra 2 LEDs than X100), I will still go for the X100. :bigsmile:

True, but with the kd 9-led driver and good batteries it should be more than 6k lumens. At least for 5 seconds I mean … :slight_smile:

…Challenge accepted!!! I’m going to mod this with the 9 LED driver, then use some King Kong 26650 INR batteries and see what sort of brightness/ current values I get.

I’m waiting for the 15 LED version before pulling the trigger……… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, what’s the point of using more emitters but still only putting out between 8-9.5 amps per flashlight???

Why can’t one of these manufacturers scale up the output to match the LEDs? As a benchmark, they should always aim for each LED to be
getting 2A minimum. Adding extra emitters but not extra juice is a waste of time, and money.

They really should but generally can’t be bothered to come up with new drivers, they just reuse the same 28W one in all the big budget lights.

I wouldn’t think this is possible. I don’t know for sure as I haven’t tested open voltage of the Tr-J12 driver but I would have to think that the drivers in teh TR-J12 and Tr-J18 and others are different since a 5x XM-L light would need to boost voltage to ~15v, a 7x XM-L driver would need to go to ~21v and a 9x would need 27v. Not saying the 1 driver couldn’t do it, just don’t think it would.

Nope, it’s a two cell light. 3.7V x 2 cells x 9 amps -> 67 watts
67W / 3.2 LED Vf -> 20.9 amps * 85% efficient buck driver (?) -> 18 amps to leds -> 2 amps per LED

You can squeeze 3 DRY DD/turbo drivers in there. Use 3 x 26650 IMRs (MNKEs or generic from bestinone/bestvaping), you are good to go for 7800 lumens OTF for the first 5 seconds and over 7000 OTF after that.

They even have UCL size for that.

It’s a 3 cell light, there’s an extension.

It’s the same as that “Gold Runhui 9T6” (black colour) at Xian Runhui on aliexpress that uses 3 x 26650 though.
With a 2 cell tube + 1 extension, it probably is driven just like those small 7 T6 lights. Low 2000L OTF.
IF this is a “power” light like the TF X100, it would not provide those 18650 sleeves. Most people’s cells would POP. :smiley:


You are right, greater efficiency, but I don’t think the slight-improved efficiency is noticeable when using in practical, right?

Instead of that, please offer us at least 2A per LED… and that is what I call noticeable difference :wink:

The heat of bigger/higher mass really becomes an issue if there is no active cooling. The higher mass really takes time to cool down. I noticed this long ago with the HIDs, but the HID ballasts are quite tough apparently. Seems like the HIDs love heat (and the bulbs actually need heat and work better at higher effs). My LEDs (driver) break down more and for HIDs i have zero failures.

2A to the LEDs (18A total) for this is probably not doable. It’s something like the KD driver already. It’d just overheat.

Anyway, you said 2A, lets take the J12 and you drive at 2 amps. You get 3565L emitter.
With this 9 x T6, you’d get 3960.

Or you take a J12 and drive at 3 amps. 4685L emitter.
With this 9 x T6 @ 1.667A it is 5571L emitter.
Difference is 16%. Somewhat noticeable.

Yes actually thinking about it, the voltages must be different between the stock 5 and 7 LED drivers to get the LEDs to light up. The stock drivers are all similarly underdriven though, at least on high mode.

Yeah, I’m going to do the same :stuck_out_tongue:
The first time I saw the 5xXM-L version it was a WoW for me, and now XM-L’s are really cheap and common. It’s time for CREE to launch a new LED that replaces the XM-L and we all swap our light’s emitters.

I don’t get the point of this type of flashlights, if you want so many LEDs, you need active cooling and LiPo battery packs (the ones we found on RC cars and planes), but not 3x26650 in series!

Ya you are right, and good analysis by the way :slight_smile:

If compare X100 with this 9*XM-L of course there is brightness difference. The X100 has only 2 LED less than the UF 9T6. Says 9.5A for both of the lights, the X100 (7 XM-L) will give about 3192 emitter lumens, while UF 9T6 will give about 3528.9 emitter lumens, a difference of about 336.9 lumens. I don’t know if a 337 lumens difference is considered much or less in reality, since both of the lights already have >3000 lumens output. Beside this I believe the X100 still give better throw if not by much.

By the way, my estimation is based on someone (I forgot, sorry) in the forum who tested the XM-L, MC-E, and SST-50 output at different current level. I don’t know where to find this thread again, but I have already saved it into Excel for reference. Very good one.

Please correct me if I make any mistakes in my comment. I’m still learning :smiley:

Yeah, the spreadsheet is here for those who are interested.


But I’m not using that one, and mine one is much more simpler than that :bigsmile:

I remember when I thought getting a light with over 300 lumens meant I would never have to buy another light and I would have the brightest light ever! Of course, that was what… a year and a half ago? How quickly things have escalated.

This is still a cool looking and interesting light, but I think I would go for the x100 first, but since I already have too many lights I will abstain from buying either one :wink:

Total light output is impressive. But with all those little shallow reflectors, is the luminous output being put to efficient use for throwing?
How much is lost due to the severely reduced size and depth of the reflectors?

Reminds me of a powerful handgun cartridge that is hobbled when fired through a very short barrel. Velocity and accuracy suffers greatly.