A bit late, but hello all!

I joined a few years ago when I first started to get into flashlights. My interest waned a bit, but after getting my hands on the BLF X6 (Alu) and the Astrolux SC…I’m back…

I’ve always enjoyed tinkering, so reading that some drivers are now using AVRs really caught my eye. I’ve been tinkering with Arduinos for some time and it’ll be fun to see what sort of fun can be had hacking on drivers. Guess I’ll need some Pomona clips for the tinys.

I’m also a bit of a maker, I love prototyping things on my 3d printer and using open source (Linux) software.

Now if my non-anodized A6 would hurry up and get here already… :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome subrosa. Well welcome for joining nearly three years ago. Good luck with the driver hacking.

Welcome to BLF, your username reminds me of this benchmade knife

Welcome back. Sounds like this is the place for your coding fun.

You could probably 3D a pretty interesting flashlight. It’s not too late to join the contest.

what contest?! I'm game, albeit I'm fairly sure PLA will fall apart under heat.

Please enjoy your time here, subrosa!

Looks like I greeted you once before.

Here's a much better greeting pic.

Yeah welcome from a much more junior member then you are :wink:

If you make a light that runs on AA or AAA and uses a Nichia 219b not hard driven temps should be OK and it would have a nice tint and color rendering.
Just browse around to see all the topics about the contest. You’ll find it :wink: