A bit warm here today - just peaked at 43.2C (109.8F) at 1.45pm

Thermometer on a small table in the coolest part of an 8' wide verandah. Humidity is at 12%

Yeah, I went out last night and it was so cold my head was aching.

yeah, we have been below zero for days now... and thats F not C...going to need to buy more oil any day now right now its -8f, which is -22c

39 degrees here.
Pool water is 34 degrees :smiley:

Heres some hot air for you - I filled this by sending this message from outside in the sun!

Yes, If we could just provide you with a spot of refrigeration, what a pity that it all goes to such waste, when it could be used to cool your beer J) Come up North for a bit, and we shall put you out to make snow angels … 0:)

I am jealous. We have had the coldest December in 80 years. I have been ice fishing in –30c to –35c and last week over night we had colder than –40c with windchill of –51c.

…why do I live here!?

One of the most isolated cities in the world. Perth.

Beeeaaaaauuutiful weather. One of the coolest summers in the past decade.
Averaging a wonderful 30deg C past few weeks.

You guys are welcome at any time.

Here in Ontario, Canada on New Years night it went down to minus - 23 celcius. tonight it is munus - 15 celcius.

A friend of mine is going to Perth in less than a week and staying for 3 weeks.

It’s cold as I don’t know what way down here in the south, can only imagine what it’s like up north. A buddy who works way up in northern Alaska says even though the temperature is way lower up there, it feels colder down here because of all the humidity. He works at Red Dog Mine, works 12 hours a day for 6 straight weeks and then is off for 2 weeks but it takes him 2 days travel each way by plane, 4 total travel days. The mine is pretty much self contained, have their own cafeteria, gym, and apartments/barracks.

have you been getting lots of small snowfalls the past few weeks?
If i had a stiff broom i would have only used the shovel a couple times

well not all of Ontario lol…last night was –42C here and it’s been around –25 –35 for the last 4-6 weeks…it’s so damn cold this winter…

- 42 C ? wow. What part of Ontario do you live ?

We have almost a foot of snow & ice.

The really cold part. :wink:

7pm here and 30 degrees still. The swimming pool is 35… (95 Fahrenheit)
Good news is, there’s a power outage !
No aircon but plenty of lumens and some torches get a legitimate workout :bigsmile:

–40°C in Canada and +40°C in Australia…when we say convoy S2 with 2.8A heats up quickly…does it make sence??? :Sp

Lets average the temps and we can all be somewhat more comfortable :slight_smile:
Transporting our snow would cool Australia, but how do you transport heat? :smiley:


What's the regular winter temperature, once in 80 years is not that bad?

Here's quite warm for this period +6C

You can run an XML at 10A with no heat sinking and it will still have icicles hanging off it.