A challenge to Wurkkos - TS10 headlamp

There have been several posts by BLF members looking for high CRI headlamps. I can get behind this quest for several reasons. My intent here is to specifically target Wurkkos, in the hope they might be willing to accept a “challenge” so to speak to explore the development of such a product.

There is no doubt, the Wurkkos TS10 is probably the most innovative and impactful flashlight model to hit the budget flashlight market in the past year, due in no small part to their choice of emitters (Lattice Power CSP). I have found this emitter in the TS10 (in both 4K and 6K) to be insanely proficient at color rendering, as well as output for a vast variety of tasks. It has become invaluable to me for any number of use cases. However, as much as I appreciate the reverse clip on the TS10 for ball cap brim use, it is poorly designed and far from ideal for auxiliary headlamp use.
A right angle TS10 equivalent, or central oriented triple LED headlamp with CSP emitters in a 14500 (or tri-fuel) configuration would knock it out of the park for not only me, but assuredly many other enthusiasts searching for a versatile headlamp with great color rendering and decent output.

Wurkkos has far and away been the most receptive and responsive Chinese flashlight manufacturer on the scene recently, and the proof is in the pudding. They are ripe for this type of challenge, and in my opinion, best suited to bring something like this to market.

TLDR? Dear Wurkkos, build us a TS10 headlamp!!!

*Edited thread title for clarification.

Hi Thank you for affirming us, I think this is a good challenge, AA headlights, are more people interested in it?
What kind of design do you guys expect, the angle one, or the normal front one? :arrow_right:

I don’t see that working. The larger battery (18650 for example) makes more sense in a headlamp as you typically run it longer. My opinion.

A Sofirn D25LR style 18650 headlamp with Nichia 519A 5000k instead of LH351D would float my boat.

Manker has HCRI headlamps with AA and AAA batteries since years. I have one of the old E02/219C and it’s quite good. Current offers are E02II and E03II. Both are available at really nice prices.

I like a traditional front facing emitter/s like DL25 series. I agree with stephenk above: If the new light is to be high-output, then 18650 is best. I love the TS10 and other blaster 14500 lights, but they eat through the mAh’s quickly. If I need a headlamp, it is usually for a long job needing longer runtime.

I am a big fan of the 219b’s and sst-20 4000.

One of the 519 variants would sell very well [I don’t have any yet:( ].

I like the angle lights because I often use as a non-headlamp. Ts10 headlamp is nice but I’d prefer that it can use AA.

18650 is far preferable to a 14500. The weight and size differences vs power and runtime gains are significant enough to make a difference. I would actually build a headlamp based on the TS21 instead due to the increased sustainable output. I actually prefer a T-shape headlamp like the Cyansky HS6R though. I think it would be a hit! Go Wurkkos!

They already have the HD15 with 2 leds/bezels. One is very floody and one is fairly tight. There are plenty of reviews on youtube and other places but almost all of those reviews are of the 5000k leds. Earlier this year they started offering 4000k on both LEDs and they are both high cri. 4k is only available on the wurkkos website or on ali. Springs on both ends, so it will take any 18650. For those that want to change LEDs it’s easy. For those that want a turn key with type c charging, it’s all there.

Running with 18650 lights on my forehead isn’t a pleasant experience, I prefer smaller ones.

while i agree that 18650 is a better choice than AA, there is still market for AA headlamp, some people just do not want to mess with rechargeables, and want a light that uses widely available batteries that you can get at any store and gas station. What i would do, if i was designing an AA light, knowing that alkalines do leak sometimes and expand, i'd make a battery tube a bit wider, so swollen battery can still be removed, and somehow made sure electrolyte would not get into electronics of the light, as well as contacts that are resistant to electrolyte, so a leaked cell would not turn a light in a paper weight.

I prefer the AA / 14500 headlamp, I find the 18650 based headlamps too heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable for extended use.
My main usage is hiking, and camp activities.
AA are readily available everywhere I go, If I run out or don’t have enough I just buy some more.

I am more interested in the angle one more than the normal front.

vote for an 18650!

Wurkkos already makes decent 18650 and 21700 headlamps. This challenge is something entirely different. The size weight advantages to this format put it in a league of its own.

A right angle version of the TS10 with a good clip (like the EO2 II) would be EDC flashlight nirvana for me! The beam profile, CRI, 4K temp, and sub-lumen moonlight with instant access to both moonlight and turbo! All of that in a package that easily would fit in the 5th jeans pocket and be light enough to clip on just about anything giving hands free light whenever needed! This really would be sublime and something that the larger lights simply could not do. All the while it would still be able to provide over 1K lumen when needed!

While I really like the idea of the dual fuel I’m not certain that it can be done. With the EO2 and I assume EO3 and other lights, using LiIon wrecks moonlight making the light useless for its intended purpose. The SP10 does maintain moonlight on both so perhaps it is possible. However, the high end on that light falls way short of the TS10. If that is because of dual fuel I can be OK with 14500 only. The high output of the TS10 is so spectacular that I don’t mind loosing AA compatability.

Please Wurkkos build us somethign with the spectacular beam color / profile of the TS10 with the great moonlight and UI, just make it right angle with a much better clip!

I can see an S2+ over an Acebeam K75 if you are going to hold it. But what is the advantage of few grams or an ounce or two lighter with a headlamp?

IMHO, the amount you lose in capability outweighs what you gain in lighter weight.

I use an 18650 based head-light regularly and I don’t even notice that I have it on, even after an hour.

thanks , i see some points. in 2023, there is headlamp design in plan, The final design has not been determined yet, we can discuss here

Delighted to see the discussion, and the varied opinions. how crazy is this sums up the positive points of this idea very well. Although I can appreciate the practical advantages of a larger cell format, I also believe there would be additional convenience and utility in a more compact device. Regardless, I have been absolutely impressed with the CSP LED’s, and just wanted to float the idea of a compact triple in a headlamp based off the TS10 format.

14500 with AA capability for me!
I don’t like large headlamps.

A small, light weight HCRI triple in a T configuration please! On/off button on top in center.

I’d buy a couple for sure.


As an ex dealer of Sofirn (still stock the LT1S), when I stocked the HS05 mini headlamp model, hardly anyone wanted it, everyone purchased the SP40 for the longer runtime. However, I did enjoy how I could hardly tell I was wearing a headlamp being so damn light

I held off on the HS05 because I prefer the “T” shape instead of the “L”.
And I like the button on top vs the end.

Easy to carry an extra AA or 14500 for run time.

I would probably buy a 18650 version if it had a center LED with button on top, and was made as light weight as possible.