A GIVEAWAY...that will take less time than the previous one :D [CLOSED - winner announced]

My story is that I was heavily criticized by my neighbors because my house caught fire and I rescued my flashlights before rescuing my portraits of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il.

Thanks for the chance…

Hope I can be in


Man, so many good ideas already taken!

Courtesy of raccoon city :wink:

How to post pictures here :wink:

I actually found that and did everything like it said. But it just won’t work

Check if this post helps :wink:

This helped!

well crap…seems like I can’t reply. It’s almost like I’m new to forums, which I’m not. been a member of a car forum since 2004

Some lightpainting with my manker E02

and some failed attempts…

I made sure the background wasn’t visible so you couldn’t see the mess :wink:

Thanks for the great giveaway MascaratumB,

Great ideas you’re coming up with :open_mouth:
Me likes :partying_face:

Thanks for the GAW!

Ty in

Please, MNLegoBoy, use these links to help you posting the images here on the thread :wink:
Thank you :slight_smile:

Fixed it, was on moble so it was hard for me to do it earlier

Im IN, thanks for the GAW. How do you like my ghetto lantern collection?

I’m in, thanks

In case my first post doesn’t count