A GIVEAWAY...that will take less time than the previous one :D [CLOSED - winner announced]

Update: 27th January 2020

New Rule:
17 - This GAW is open to members that give/have given an active contribute to BLF and our activity here. Hence, entries from members that predominantly enter only in Giveaways, will not be considered.

Due to this rule, the entries list will be modified!



Welcome to my 2nd Giveaway!
My first one finished last year and can be found here !

This year’s GAW will be definitely take less time to be finalized :stuck_out_tongue:

After winning several community GAW’s in 2019, I decided to give something back to BLF community, and keep the spirit flowing!! :blush:

So, I am opening this GAW and below I post its’ the rules and conditions !

Hope you folks find it funny and enter in the best way you can :wink: :beer:


1 - This GAW starts today: 16th January 2020 !

2 - This GAW ends on the 29th February 2020 (23h59m GMT) :smiley:

3 - To enter this GAW, you have to be a BLF member before this GAW’s opening (new members subscribed on BLF after this GAW opening time will not be considered)!

4 - You’ll have to use your own flashlights in a creative way to say you are IN! You can dispose them, make lightpainting, assemble then in some funny shape…whatever, and post a photo or video of that to be considered as an entry :stuck_out_tongue:

5 - In case you don’t have a device to take photos/make videos (or in case you just don’t “want” to do the suggested on the #4:expressionless: ) , you can enter by posting something related to flashlights, either a personnal experience, a thought, something that is flashaholic enough to be an entry :wink:

6 - Double posts will be disregarded, and only 1 post per member will be considered.

7 - However, to keep the thread easy to follow and to update, please avoid making multiple posts / comments (this is a forum and we are free to comment, so this is just a kind request to easen my task) :blush:

8 - After the GAW’s closing I will draw the winner on the 3rd attempt at https://www.random.org/. The winner’s name will be posted here (on the top of post #2) and I will contact the winner via PM to proceed to the correct shipment.

9 - If the winner doesn’t answer in a 4 days period (more or less), I will draw a new winner through the same method as stated on point 8 !!!

10 - I will update post #2 with the list of people that are IN. Numbers will be from 35 to “N” :stuck_out_tongue:

11 - The PRIZE of this Giveaway will be a MEOTE FM1 flashlight, that has 2 dedicated pages, here and here :o :crown: :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

12 - The winner will be able to choose the colour of the host and the emitters, in case there is that option :wink:

13 - As far as I now, there will be the possibility to worldwide shipping. If not, the conditions will be changed and the restrictions posted to inform the entering members !

14 - Any change to this GAW will be posted in the top of post #1.

15 - Good luck to everyone and thanks for your contribute to BLF :smiley:


17 - NEW RULE: This GAW is open to members that give/have given an active contribute to BLF and our activity here. Hence, entries from members that predominantly enter only in Giveaways, will not be considered.

See you around :wink:

The winner number has been drawn:

The winner is #64 which is gchart !!

Congratulations :wink:
You’ll receive PM soon!!

List of participants :slight_smile:

35 - Boaz
36 - treellama
37 - CRX
38 - raccoon city
39 - klrman
40 - Grigio
41 - A_M_K
42 - Smoothynobutt
43 - SIGShooter
44 - Di_Joker
45 - Agro
46 - djozz
47 - brad
48 - ver_ivanz007
49 - Umpi2000
50 - mitsuki08
51 - Photonica
52 - RobinVC
53 - NeutralFan
54 - selis
55 - MNLegoBoy
56 - Dioda
57 - necrophobic75
58 - nydude
59 - timbo114
60 - ch1ir
61 - pinkpanda3310
62 - Lexel
63 - korpzgrinda
64 - gchart
65 - ste-zo
66 - pc_light
67 - SoulCraves
68 - jpil
69 - Henk4U2
70 - lichtpfadfinder
71 - lichan
72 - gottobegeek
73 - desmondkun
74 - shirnask
75 - Lothar
76 - samgalax
77 - forsh
78 - O.s.k
79 - GDF
80 - Backpacker Light
81 - Lick
82 - Weird_Beard

’fraid not. :wink:


Here’s the official way to remove the glass lens from a TK16

I am Iron man :D

Thanks for the giveaway, MascaratumB!

I'm in.

Here's a flashlight meme that's more sad than funny:


I’m in! Thanks for the great GAW, MascaratumB! :+1: :beer:


I can’t get a picture to show up like everyone else’s. So until I figure that out, I’ll say that I keep a list on my phone of the flashlights I have Incase I need to look at the list and smile. I also do the same with the group picture.

holy hell, i finally got it

I’m in…thanks.

Looking for Nemo!

I’m in! Thanks for the GAW!

Ahahah, you folks are way more creative than I could’ve imagined :smiley:
Keep them coming, I’m liking it so far :partying_face:

Thank you for the chance. :slight_smile:

Thanks for another nice giveaway!

My story is that I was heavily criticized by my neighbors because my house caught fire and I rescued my flashlights before rescuing my portraits of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il.

Thanks for the chance…

Hope I can be in