A GIVEAWAY...that will take less time than the previous one :D [CLOSED - winner announced]

Nice idea for entry requirements :+1:

In :smiley:

Processing the orders the last 2 days, I got some things related with flashlight internals

I call it happy drivers, just the nose is a bit too big

The Eye of Tool Ti

Thanks for the GAW!

Please, ch1ir, use these links to help you posting the images here on the thread :wink: You can replace the link for the photos!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Folks, I gotta say, you are doing some really creative and funny entries :smiley:
Thanks for taking the time and to do them! Keep them coming as we’re taking flashlight madness to another level :smiley: :partying_face:

My wife confiscated my sofirn sp36 for her New Year’s photo studio, so I’m definitely in!

I went around and around about what to post…

… I’m in.

im in!

Something not related to flashlights, but I hope you let me in :sunglasses:

Hum…please read :wink:

Please add something to your entry :wink:

I “let” you be IN…but I will ask you something flashlight related please, to maintain the criteria used till now and to be fair to those entering with so many nice ideas :wink:

I do like that photo very much :smiley: Blue is my fav colour :stuck_out_tongue:


Count me in please, thanks!

He’s in!

Eheh, I know, and he’s counted in :wink:
I just asked for putting the photo on the post so that we don’t have to go see the link :wink:

Looking for a nice entry from you :partying_face:

I am p*IN*k

Cool idea for FL

And she won’t take “no” for an answer.

I'm in - YouTube

Not a flashlight… Buuut all of my over ideas were already done