A GIVEAWAY...that will take less time than the previous one :D [CLOSED - winner announced]

The Eye of Tool Ti

Thanks for the GAW!

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Folks, I gotta say, you are doing some really creative and funny entries :smiley:
Thanks for taking the time and to do them! Keep them coming as we’re taking flashlight madness to another level :smiley: :partying_face:

My wife confiscated my sofirn sp36 for her New Year’s photo studio, so I’m definitely in!

I went around and around about what to post…

… I’m in.

im in!

Something not related to flashlights, but I hope you let me in :sunglasses:

Hum…please read :wink:

Please add something to your entry :wink:

I “let” you be IN…but I will ask you something flashlight related please, to maintain the criteria used till now and to be fair to those entering with so many nice ideas :wink:

I do like that photo very much :smiley: Blue is my fav colour :stuck_out_tongue:


Count me in please, thanks!

He’s in!

Eheh, I know, and he’s counted in :wink:
I just asked for putting the photo on the post so that we don’t have to go see the link :wink:

Looking for a nice entry from you :partying_face:

I am p*IN*k

Cool idea for FL

And she won’t take “no” for an answer.

I'm in - YouTube

Not a flashlight… Buuut all of my over ideas were already done

This is something I wrote for a V54 flashlight giveaway on the other flashlight forum:

The Merchant of Light
Come, O shoppers, both proximal and distal,
And attend my sale of this illuminating crystal.
Turn your mind’s eye to my marketplace stall
And soon you will be held fast in its thrall.
What? Are no traders attent to my tale?
Not one with the foresight to be my first sale?
If knowledge is power then let me impart
Strength and wisdom enough to give it a start.
Cast your gazes upon this, my stock-in-trade,
Even at a distance you can see it’s well-made.
But it appears to be just a cylinder metallic
Multi-colored, perhaps, from a bath in phthalic.
Diminutive enough to be hidden in my hand,
How can so small a thing be anything grand?
It’s the metal of Titans and stronger than steel
And for its purposes there is none more ideal.
It was mined at great effort from deep earthly veins
And gathered in great peril where the Russian Czar reigns.
It’s a thing of great beauty, we all can agree,
But that’s not why I hawk it, if you truly know me.
There’s magic inside, as I’ll demonstrate soon.
Gents please hold your swear words, and, ladies, don’t swoon.
It comes from a wizard from a far western land
Yclept Vinh, he’s a magister much in demand.
I see the astrologer there has a look of disdain.
You say you worked with this magic, all your efforts in vain?
In a moment I’ll unleash it, so you’ll all feast your eyes,
And the Sultan of London has one twice its size!
So, Master Stargazer, I’ve just one question to ask,
Was the sorcery or your skill not up to the task?
There’s a runic inscription, a “V”, a “5” and a “4”
An incantation perhaps, so I dare not read more.
Behold! It’s a torch ’twill illumine the skies
Don’t gaze into its core if you value your eyes!
But the fire coming out of the end of this torch
Is not hot to the touch, it will not even scorch.
’Tis not the souls of the righteous inside for its force,
Though I know it, I cannot divulge its true source.
Should be obvious now it’s of limitless worth
For a piece of the sun has been brought down to earth.
The Astromancer chooses to lumen the sky?
I’m so glad that I moved you to give it a try.
So step up quickly and make your purchases fast.
I’m sorry, the young pilgrim has purchased my last.
Please, unhand my garment. Hold your threatening talk.
I’ve committed no crime ’cause I’ve run out of stock.
Hide your frowns, gentle people, for truth to be told,
I’ve something up next that’s more valuable than gold.
Great treasure it is that I import from the east,
If the last was a sweetmeat, then this one’s a feast!
It’s out in the courtyard where my camel is tied.
Please wait in the shade while I just step outside…