A GIVEAWAY...that will take less time than the previous one :D [CLOSED - winner announced]

I really admire your creativity :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: :blush:

Thanks for pushing yourselves to enter according to my weird rules/conditions :beer:

I am in!
I don’t have a fl yet, so here is cool concept from Nitecore

Funny…being on a flashlights forum and having no flashlights…

Maybe because you also didn’t won any on the other 17 GAWs you’ve entered?…

And he did not even enter into any of my GAW’s!

Now I am officially offended :cry: :person_facepalming:

Flashlight of my childhood

He entered mine :person_facepalming: . I called him out there also. About the only thing he Knows how to type is “I’m in”.

I’m in. Thanks.

Morse code for I’m in?

@ Kevin Z
Yes, clumsy clicking, though.


Hey folks!

So, I went to look to my rules and to the entry list again and I noticed that I wanted to do one thing!
This is my GAW, so I want to enter a new rule:

Rule 17 - This GAW is open to members that give/have given an active contribute to BLF and our activity here. Hence, entries from members that predominantly enter only in Giveaways, will not be considered.

Due to this rule, the entries list will be modified. Some names of members that don’t fit this rule will be eliminated from the entries list!

Hope you understand this decision!
I rather have less entries on the GAW, but I prefer to offer a light to someone that has given a contribute and has shared something within the community than to offer it to leeches!


I’m OK with that rule and actually my GAW has a similar one.
But I’m less critical than you and not just you of the users who are open about not having any flashlights - because it would be easier for them to lie and pretend to be someones they are not. They have courage to be themselves - and while I’m not going to give them lights - I respect that.

PM sent :wink:

I’m IN …… …… Trouble, again :frowning:

I’m in. Thanks for the chance…

I dont want to post a photo… But something flashaholic related.

—> I can NOT stop thinking in… Modding, upgrading, cleaning, using and enjoying my flashlights. I can not… I can’t. Sorry but it is a strong feeling inside of me…. It is… My… Religion!!! <—

(I think that is enough flashaholic thing…)

I joined nearly a year ago but have only got 15 posts and that’s including this one lol. But have learnt a lot from the forum just by reading up on all the old threads. I’ve managed to mod a couple of convoys and going to attempt an emitter swap on my broken 10180 SS light. I just like reading through all the how to’s and modding and build threads, and can’t believe the skills involved in some of the old lumens contest entries

Glad the forum has been good to you :wink: And that it makes you spend money, ’cause that way I don’t feel alone in that task :smiling_imp: :money_mouth_face:

BTW, is your username related to Necrophobic (band)?
If so, you’ll probably recognize the t-shirt below”
I saw them a decade with The Black Dahlia Murder, 3 Inches of Blood, Obscura, The Faceless, Ingested and Carnifex :sunglasses: Didn’t listen much after that, but they gave a nice show back then !!!