A GIVEAWAY...that will take less time than the previous one :D [CLOSED - winner announced]

Haha yes, also it’s a song title by my favourite band Slayer :smiling_imp:
And ye my family have started to take make fun of me as they keep finding torches everywhere :person_facepalming:

Please check out some of our early cousins, a flashlight from the 1940’s, and many others seen here in the flashlight museum.

One of my favorites is the Ray-O-Vac Bullet…Collect any and all old flashlights.


You can still find them in garage sales, thrift stores, ebay …

Yeah, I didn’t remember that one too :person_facepalming:
Well, my 2nd clock alarm every morning is the “Angel of Death” :smiley: :smiling_imp: Gotta re-hear their albuns again :wink:

Folks, less than 1 month to go! :beer:
You’re still in time to be IN!!

Remember that a GAW that ends on the 29th February can only happen again in 2024 :stuck_out_tongue:
Ehehe :partying_face:


Just bump’IN the GAW :wink:

19 days to go :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I’m eligible since I’m a long time lurker here (don’t have much to post) but I really like this photo.
This was taken with my G85,14mm F2.5 and my Sofirn SF36 on the lowest mode.

Being a lurker doesn’t “disqualify” you in this GAW! Unless you were a “GAW lurker”, which is not the case :stuck_out_tongue:
So you’ve been added to the participants list :+1:

I didn’t expect that,thanks man!!!I didn’t want to spam,but I wanted to thank you!Here’s an appreciation meme that made me chuckle,don’t consider it a second attempt,it’s just for laughs!!

A bump! :smiley:
Just to show what freeme has posted here :


Also a heads-up on eventual delays after picking this GAW’s winner and communicating with the winning person:

~ 3 days to go :beer:

Hey folks, the GAW has ended :wink:

Winner will be posted during the 1st of March :wink:

Thanks and good luck to all !!

Hope I get lucky
Thank you for this amazing giveaway

The winner number has been drawn:

The winner is #64 which is gchart !!

Congratulations :wink:
You’ll receive PM soon!

To all the other folks that entered, thanks for the funny and creative photos :wink:
Winning or not, you were/are surely IN!!!

:beer: :+1:

Holy cow! I can’t believe it :smiley:

Thanks, MascaratumB!

If the cow is holy, she’ll have a light to shine a little more :wink:

Congrats again!
PM sent :wink:


congratulations to gchart, and thank you to mascaratumb for holding this contest, it really got my creative juices flowing! it was fun to do, and interesting to see what others came up with!

Congrats to gchart and thanks MascaB

Yes, congrats to gchart and thanks to MascaratumB for a fun GAW!

Congratulations Gchart and thanks MascaratumB for the cool GAW :smiley: