A good light for electrician, recommendations needed!

Again I’m in need for help and recommendations…
A couple of electricians need a light but they refuse using LED lights since poor blue tint (remember: ledlenser are the one widely available here…).
I could use recommendations for cheap warm / high CRI lights for testers OR source for bare emitters to mod for example a Sipik, P60 drottpin etc.

is a Zebralight H501w or Spark SD52-NW too expensive?

the emitter on this headlamp from Manafont is easy to swap. unscrew the head, remove the lens, and the emitter is right there inside a small pill which is also easy to remove. LED is on a 16mm board. this one should work. the low mode on the headlamp should be good for up close work.

CREE XP-G 4B Neutral White R4 $6.58

The Terralux is a very interesting light with 80 Lumen and high CRI emitter... also the price is nice ... at least in the US. The cheapest I could find for an European distributor was Amazon UK with ~18 GBP shipped ($28, €22) to Ger. The bite grip is a clever idea imho.

Zebras are a bit expensive for testing but those other fit the needs better.
Maybe going to get that headlamp, might have other use for it also.

Ok, I decided to get 2 pcs of those 3 x AA lights and two emitter to try on it.

Could also try some warmer XM-L´s on some dropins... 8)

Any other placer, that can deliver XM-L T6 3C than Cutter Electronics with 14$ shipping?

You can get the Xeno E03 in cool white (probably not wanted), neutral and warm white, reviews can be be found around here.

Don't know if they are shipping to Finland.

I also thought about getting 1 of these for myself... maybe I could forward you one, if you are interested. I should get free shipping myself with orders over 15€ and an envelope to the high north shouldn't be expensive.

As a master electrician, I know that the best working light is one that is hands-free.

Headlamps are great for working in attics and above suspended ceilings.

Another light with a magnetic base is great for working inside control cabinets and in panelboards.

A nice xm-l C8 is always handy to have. Car charger for 18650 is handy.

Also, having a small AAA or AA light clipped to inside pocket ensures available light at ALL times.

Sounds great!
If the effort is not too much, I would like to have one or two. Costs covered naturally. I’ll be in contact tomorrow, very early morning…

I guess I also may like a neutral Terralux penlight. How are their light in general? Solid? Smaller? Smoother?

Oops. I ended up with buying a High CRI 4Sevens Preon II instead of the Terralux. Still, Terralux sounds like a nice one to give as a gift to doctors. It it neutral or warm-ish? Preon looks more close to a warm emitter but with better colors I hope.

I bet I saw some XM-L stars on DinoDirect with unknown bins but marked as warm or yellow lights. Maybe it is worth searching ‘emitter’ keyword on DD.
On the other hand, I am mostly happy with the neutral white XPG R4 emitters I got from KaiDomain. They aren’t High CRI LEDs but definitely add some color over cool white ones. They aren’t overly warm, even cooler than some of my Fenix Neutral lights.

Cheapthrills emitters are here.

Nice copper base plate with directly on the copper mounted emitters. Golden coated backsides against corrosion. Obviously they have a 3A tint. The star has a really nice weight to it, perfect for high power purposes.

"The massive copper PCB has an outstanding and fast heat dissipation. A further advantage is the direct connection of the LED base with the copper. This contact is possible because of a special open area in the dielectric and increases the PCBs efficiancy even more.

The back side is holohedral golden. This was made to avoid possible oxidation and makes it easy to remove residues of additives or fingerprints.

The copper PCB has a diameter of 16mm and is useable in a wide range of applications like LED torches for example."

They look quite professional, packing and all :)

Thanks again!

For an electricians handheld light, wouldn't you want something with a non-conductive body to avoid potential shocks and arcing out? I was thinking something like this with either an incan bulb or some kind of high cri emitter.

With an output like the XM-L it is often sufficient to place the light somewhere nearby and just use the bounce from walls and ceilings and not hold the actual light. I know several handymen who use XM-Ls like that. I would ensure that the host can tailstand and has an anti-roll feature.


On the days I'm pulling network cable, I tend to use headlamps as I need more hands than I have. One or more for the cable pulling tools, one for the cable, one for the cable stapler, one for the punchdown tool and one for the phone (usually in a very, very noisy industrial environment) as you are too far apart to shout at the guy on the other end of the cable when you use the cable tester. Pity is, I only have two hands and none of them are free for holding a light.

The answer to this is single ended cable testers but they cost more than I'm prepared to pay for a car. I am certainly not spending that much on a device that'll only get used every other year. And renting them is way too expensive to be worth the time I'd save beyond testing cables the hard way. I could spend two days (At $100/hour) testing cables for the price of a day's rent of a good cable tester. I explain this to customers before I start. If they want to pay for the fancy tester - well that's OK. If not, they'll spend less but the job will take a day longer. Two junk laptops - total cost around nothing - will do the same job as long as a friend wants some cash for an evening's work.

Headlamps are essential for those sort of jobs. I own quite a lot of limited usefulness headlamps for this sort of thing. I treat them as consumables and their cost (about the same as eight minutes of my time) is built in to the job.

I never take expensive lights on a job as the chance of losing them in some place you can't get to is far too high. Been there. Lost that.

Most cable closets seem to be in the least illuminated parts of buildings. And punching down Ethernet cable(s) needs a lot of light - much more than wiring conventional power circuits.

The S-mini XML has a very "yellowish" beam, almost like an incandescent.

the Caveman is pretty neutral, pure white, no blue.

Guess what?

Ordered two of those headlights. They are very impressive for price/quality AND super easy to mod. Have not seen a single device that offers driver and emitter so easily available.

But too bad, I took neutral emitters from Kaidomain but wrong size, 12mm falls straight through the pill :D

Should I just take those neutrals from Mana or some other, perhaps warm ones from somewhere else? 16mm is the only option to get a fit.

None left? ;-)