A lot of great prices at DD!!! (10-Dec-11)

Hi folks,

DD has lowered the prices of premium brands like Fenix, Jetbeam, Sunwayman, Olight, Nitecore, etc. Just use search engine and take a look by yourself. For me a lot of these prices are simply amazing... For example:

Jetbeam BC40 - 52.69$ (42.69$ after coupon)

Fenix TK45 - 93.69$ (78.69$ after coupon)

Klarus P2A - 29.69$ (it's under 30$ so can't apply 5$ off coupon, but if you throw something else, you can lower this price)

Klarus Mi X6 (Titanium AAA) - 37.39$ (32.30$ after coupon)

Sunwayman V10A - 54.99$ (44.99$ after coupon)

Sunwayman V60C - 121.69 (106.69$ after coupon)

Olight M3X Triton - 93.39$ (78.39$ after coupon)

...And so on...

I don't know how long these prices lasts... but ...woow.. these offers rock.



oneworldweshare - 5$ (order 30$)

SAVE13OFFSP or SAVE13OFFBR - 13$ (order 50$)

SAVE18OFFSP - 18$ (order 80$)

xmas15 - 15$ (order 80$)

ddchristmas - 20$ (order 100$)

what are coupon codes?

Oh come on... "search" doesn't bite.

oneworldweshare - 5$ off for orders 30$ or more

xmas10 - 10$ off for orders 50$ or more

xmas15 - 15$ off for orders 80$ or more

(I'm not sure about the first coupon - writing from memory)

RRT0 XML for 55€WOW! (XMAS15)

I'm highly tempted to buy the Klarus Mi X6, but is that really a titanium version?

Titanium version should have a clear marking "Ti" after the Klarus-text, but the one in DD pictures doesn't have it.

Has anyone bought this from DD? What did you get?

Wow, that's even better !! Thanks very much for that code . This brings the price another 3$ off for lights over 50$ and below 80$.

A Jetbeam BC40 for 39.69$ or Sunwayman V10A for 41.99$

ddchristmas - 20$ off for orders 100$ or more

There is another thread for DD coupons btw you should edit the first post and put coupon on view

...nice looks like a big % of the site got a 10% off

I couldn't get the coupons to work it kept shifting back to the default coupon 5% off //I was trying to use the 18$ off 80$ or more coupon and it kept rejecting it ..Grrrr

"ddchristmas" worked for me a minute ago.

V60C for 101.69$ ...That's crazy.

Edit: Main post updated

And don't forget Editor's Choice Sex Hot Pink Kiss Lip Home Desk Cord Phone Telephone, down to a stunning $16.99!


Very tempted to get the V60C! Issue is, Sunwayman uses 1C tint in their lights. So the low modes are not that nice.

oooh, another great deal!

9 LED for 4.95$ instead of 93.80$, that's 95% discount!!!


But some other deals do seem tempting...

I suggest checking out this thread before placing any orders. Apparently, the have a few new coupons ($13 off $50, $18 off $80, $20 off $100).

At $101.69. I jus have to push the paypal button for the v60c. It’s cheaper compare to hke’s blf member discounted price. Now tk45, at less than $80.it’s v tempting too

Very good, i think if you are buying a couple of flashlights, Andy could only do like $128 shipped or something.

Can't get them to work on $50 order.


The price they offer is quite nice if u email them. Quoted $219 for tm11. But the offer by dd now, help me make out my mind on a few lights I have been keeping a lookout for.

@kreisler: Thanks for asking and clarifying this issue! What a pity it isn't Ti after all.

BTW: The other SS light you compared is actually Mi X5 SS, a AAAA (right - 4*A) light, which usually retails for about the same price than a real Mi X6 Ti.. So, not a bad price for that either!

I shoulda wait for the V60... the price went down $10 from $112...