AA lovers, give me some help here. LD40, LD41, or PA 40

Fenix LD40 seems to be the best thrower (and cheapest) since it is an XP-G

The soon-to-be-released LD41 is and XM-l to compete with the Jetbeam PA40.

A few members here have the PA40 and seem to love it

Then there is the Cyclone 88 with only 3 x AA batteries, the above are all 4 x AA.

I'm leaning toward the LD40, but would appreciate any input, especially in regards to how these lights run on Alkalines.

I have the PA40W, it appears a little warm rather than neutral.

From what I read on the other forum, the PA40 throws just as far with a bigger hotspot and more spill.

I also prefer the battery indicator over a separate mode switch.

The LD41 is a nice idea but the body looks horible and I'm sure it will cost a fortune and still has a lower output than the PA40.

As for the C88, I think its a great light but cant stand that its 3 batteries as they are usually sold in 2s and 4s (unless you are buying bulk packs like 30 or so but still...)

I have been using my PA40 for over a week randomly just turning all the lights off and walking around the house with it on high (not turbo) pointed at the roof and it lights up a room with ease. Even sometimes just lighting up 1 room for hours at a time and the battery indicator hasn't even come on yet to indicate 50% battery life left.

I do have a lot of alkalines but havent used them in it yet as its been running forever off the eneloops without needing to be changed.

The only thing I would change is possibly I would have got the PA40 instead of the PA40W but I am still very happy with it.

As for the LD40, its about $20 cheaper if you only want throw without flood.

Either way, I'm sure all are great lights and I might be a little bias for owning a PA40.

Hi trooplewis,

I can only comment on the LD40 & neutral white Cyclone since I have those. However, I use NIMHs rather than alkalines - sorry I just looked and don't have 7 of the same kind of alkalines on hand to run a quick side-by-side comparison for you. Using the latest Sanyo low discharge NIMHs, the Cyclone throws better than the LD40. Within the spill area, the Cyclone is also brighter, but the Fenix has a slightly wider spill area. This is with the standard battery carrier in each. Posts indicate that improving the amount of metal in the Cyclone's carrier significantly increases output (that's on my to do list). Personally I prefer the 3 battery arrangement: it means I have to carry fewer backup batteries.

With batteries installed, the Fenix weights 307g while the Cyclone weighs 313g. Still, the Cyclone "feels" heavier (it's more compact and has more metal). The Fenix has an extra low mode that the Cyclone lacks. That's the only thing I miss on the Cyclone. When I need a light this size I usually grab the Cyclone. The Fenix is more comfortable to hold in colder weather since it's mostly plastic.

Hope that helps a bit. Good Luck.

Thanks guys, I'm still undecided on these 4 lights, but may end up with a PA40

I'd recommend a PA40 (either CW or NW version, depending on your personal preference) - it's beam profile is very nice for general use, carbon fiber-reinforced composite body is has amazing feel to it, especially in winter, when all metal-body flashlights freeze your hands. Also modes are very well spaced apart - I love the 2lm "moonlight-mode", it's perfect for indoor use at nights.

All of these lights you are considering are good! I have Cyclone C88 and I can only recommend it, it is great for night walks outside as it has good throw and also good spill. One thing I really want to add to C88 is option to run with 6AA, then it will be able maintain max. output together with good runtimes using AA, you can check here.

If I have to buy another one it would be PA40 - like the battery indicator very much as I have similar on my bike light and is very useful. I would use PA40 more inside and around house (shorter distances) - due to its more floody beam, lower output in compare to C88 is more than enough for this use. Also as Shadowww mentioned, carbon fiber body is advantage in winter!

I think you should send me one of your older stainless AA lights that wasn't working properly and I'll fix it up for you.

I know this is an old post, trooplewis, but I know you ordered a PA40 via the sweet deal I found. You’ll have tell us what you think of it, as I suspect you’ll have it any day now if you don’t already have it. I’m loving mine so far!

I am trying very hard to keep myself from ordering the PA40………NW or stnd. tint?

It’s a PA40 Cree XM-L T6 (which I believe in the standard tint). Honestly it didn’t make that much of a difference to me. It does have a the smooth reflector. I believe the PA40W is the NW. I just looked and their sale is over, but at $60 its still a great deal.

PA40 is supposed to be cool and PA40W is supposed to be neutral.

I have a PA40W and I find it to be warm rather than neutral, I did have a PA40 but I didn’t take it out of the box to test it but from what I have read its not a cool tint at all.

Perhaps the PA40 is neutral and PA40W is warm?

I guess it depends on what you are used to, one guys neutral tint is another guys warm tint.

Hopefully my PA40 will be here tomorrow, along with a nice light from our very own E320.
Hope I get to the mailbox before the Mrs, or I will have some explaining to do.

Hey troop, which PA40 did you get…the NW or cool.I am trying to decide which one.I have a BC40 with a NW emmiter as a Xtindc8NW and really like that tint.Others have said that the NWPA40 is actually closer to a warmwhite tint though.As for the wife…I think I just saw on another thread that Foy is taking all responsability for marriage issues due to flashlights.I think mabey he should start a new business as a marriage counceler?Just tell her that you must buy what foy saws to be happy…she does wan’t you to be happy, right?

I think Troop is too busy playing w/ his new PA40 ! :bigsmile: He did stop long enough to declare that he did recieve it on the “what you got in the mail today” thread.

No ntg, you got it all wrong. He is busy explaining to his wife why he needed two more flashlights (and she's probably banned him from BLF)!

EDIT: for those that missed this, see the background of Troop's situation here.


Thanks for filling me in on Troop’s situation…pretty funny…except I pointed out the $54 PA40 to Troop!!! I could be in trouble too! Do you think she’d hunt me down clear up here?! Seems as though my name has already hit cuss-word status in certain circles, so I’m not concerned about that. Just concerned about physical harm!

My wife’s the type that has boxes of fabric (sewing) some craft stuff, and tons of books (not counting the endless electronic books she now has since some idiot gave her a Kindle last Christmas!…and no, I don’t know what he was thinking. I’ll have to ask IF he comes around again.). Somehow we’ve found a balance of sorts, she and I.