Abusing the English language

Seems like more and more people are in the habit of torturing the English language .

Do you have examples of words commonly abused ?

  1. Prolly -- instead of probably
  2. Impordant --important
  3. Idear --Idea
  4. Melk -- Milk
  5. Axe -- Go axe your teacher

IMHO, many words are abused, the ones that aren’t will be one day.

The reason is because people are lazy and getting lazier with each future generation.

Kids today think watching YouTube videos and reading magazines can get them an edumacation.

New York Shitty, my favour :slight_smile:

[Quote=Boaz]Prolly — instead of probably

This is an amazing word and I’m going to use it all the time now.

New Speak. Very important for the New Normal. Building Back Better will be founded on clearly superior ideology and a culture more diverse, yet less nuanced… more educated, yet less intelligent… and green! Maybe even Soylent green, someday, if we work really hard. Keep at it, comrads.

But yes. Our digital era will surely change a verbally derived language. For worse or for worse.

I of course have no bias or opinion about his topic.


Not really abuse but drives me nuts.

Language does change over time. At least English does. There is abuse that stems from poor education; being poorly educated.

The use of the wrong form of how a word is spelled; to, too, two. Those errors particularly grate on me. Or, if I had used “great” where I typed “grate”. Sounds the same when one says it but there are two different words. Almost every sentence one says in English seems to contain at least one word that can be spelled differently and have very different meanings, but sounds the same when spoken. “There” and “their”; “seems” and “seams”. That sort of thing bugs me.

English can be difficult to learn with all of those nuances.

When I see things such as the use of “axe” for “asks”, I roll my eyes several times.

I also shudder when I see “gr8” replacing the word “great”.

There is a road sign before a construction zone nearby. It states, “Construction zone. Give ’em a brake” It is an attempt at being cute or humorous. I just see what amounts to an official endorsement of dumbness.

It would be nice if this was the worst of our problems though.


In a commercial on TV for milk the person keeps pronouncing the word melk. Curious how many other people notice it .

I'm hearing the word impordant more and more and wondering if it's used that way in a different country ?

How about

--Idear or ideal instead of Idea .

my friend gets pretty cranked up over the word


and Porsche vs. Porschaah

he's in the fulltime nursing wing

lumentop —- lumintop
sofrin —- sofirn
andruil —- anduril
tint — cct
efficacy —- efficiency

The movie idiocracy is coming true lol

Watch this guy joey b toonz he roast Tick Tockers, its great.

Please stop using: should of, would of, could of.

These are incorrect.

Instead, please use:

Should HAVE, would HAVE, could HAVE.

Thank you.

And the Master Abuser is…… :smiley:


On a TV commercial

The Woman says "Great for DIYers" dee eye why ers ?.. What ?? Isn't just as easy to say .. Do It Yourselfers ?

OK How about a couple that hit closer to home

-- NIMH Pretty sure It's not called niimm . Lets just call it what it is instead.-- Nickel Metal Hydride

-- Mah No it's not pronounced Maaahh.. We can call it --milliamp hours

-- LED yeah it's not LEAD . can we all agree it's an EL- eee- DEE. -- L.E.D.

- Gotta run... they've got pudding .

Did you eat your meat?

Language is not fixed. All languages continuously change and evolve. New words are invented and begin as some form of nonstandard language, but may eventually gain widespread use and be accepted as formal. Pronunciation also constantly changed. It’s not hard to observe this when you hear English spoken by people from different countries, different regions of the same country, or different cultural backgrounds. Every single thing you say would have been considered an abuse of the English language at some time in the past. Many people know this but fail to see that this process is always ongoing. We did not finish, and will never finish, transforming the language.

Here are a couple of quickly googled resources:


There are better explanations and overviews but I’m in a hurry.

I agree with your first point but not your second. This is their use of the language, not abuse. The spoken language does not belong solely to the educated. It is a tool that belongs to everyone, and the changes that have lead to its current state have been driven by generation upon generation of mostly uneducated people (think of how recent widespread education is relative to spoken language.

This is a part of what’s called the Nothern Cities Vowel Shift:

I have a friend who said the word Fukajeema a 1000 times . FUKA GEE MA ???

I kept saying shima .. fuka shima you idiot ...

The word shima () means "island" in Japanese

-- Can you borrow me some money?

I seen that.


Whatever one wants to call that, it is not the correct use of language

Where’s Lightbringer ?

I am guilty…Sometimes I use “tho” instead of “though”. And off course I make many mistakes writing, but in my defense, English is not my first language, and I am self-taught.