Acebeam High CRI LED Flashlight EC65 Releasing

A new take on an EDC sized flashlight the utilises 4x LEDs and a TIR optical lens to provide an outstandingly versatile beam pattern that is available in 2 different models to suit a variety of users. Adding to the versatility is the option to use 21700, 18650 or CR123A batteries.

CREE - 4x XHP35 HI LEDs and a smooth TIR lens. Ranging from 20 to 4000 lumens with a 258 metre beam distance.
NICHIA - 4x 90+ CRI LEDs with an orange peel TIR lens. Ranging from 20 to 2500 lumens with a 206 metre beam distance.

The Side switch ensures quick and easy access to all available lighting modes and the USB-C charging system means you can charge up to 3x faster than older Micro USB models. A Li-ion 21700 battery rated at 5100mAh capacity is included to provide optimal runtimes.

Does this mean that you are going to offer swappable optics with the light either bundled or as separately purchasable accessories?

Looking good sofar, I like the looks, and that it uses 21700.
Two concerns (from Acebeam website):

‘firefly’ = 20 lumen :person_facepalming:

MSRP $136.90 :open_mouth:

Yes, please make the lowest mode much lower, preferably around 0.5 lumens.

good deal :money_mouth_face:

let me get money from the tree :disguised_face:

This seems a very nice light :wink:
I’ve been keeping an eye on it, but it is definitely out of my budget!

About the Moonlight mode, I agree with some comments above! This seems a great light, though :wink:

Looks good BUT the price…

I’ve always had interest in Acebeam, but I don’t own one yet. This is definitely a light I’m interested in. And I’m also willing to spend $136.90 on a light.
But I would never ever spend $136.90 on this light. Emisar D4 is $40 you know…

Price…… lmao
There are very similar lights 4x cheaper.
GL with your sales anyway.

What makes the EC65 stand out over the D4 is the 21700 battery (ATM 40% more runtime) and that it is USB rechargable (USB-C is for me a good choice).

Generally looking good, but the MSRP seems to be off. Astrolux has S41/S41S/S42/S42S, which (i know) is not accepting 21700, but can do a proper firefly mode, and is available almost every time in the range of $30-50 (depending exact version, and including 18650 tube price, too).

Lacking a proper firefly mode, and accepting the 21700 (ok, it is rechargeable too) battery bumps the price with additional $85+? LOL

I’d suggest $80-90, and it could be called a fair deal - but first, please add a proper firefly mode (and/or ramping) - and please support custom emitter choices by selling heads separately for DIY.

(Also, specs are missing that the XPL version is XPL or XPL-HI or XP-L2 or XP-L2 HI.)

This is true. The 21700 format gives this light a “next gen” status, with of course the added performance. However, from a manufacturer’s point of view this cell requires only the battery tube to have slightly different dimensions; there is absolutely no increase in production or development cost. The USB-C charger is also very nice and next gen, but I don’t think this feature should increase cost too much.
It is true that a flashlight is more than the sum of its components making this light far more superior than the D4 for many people, and hence the asking price can certainly be justified.

Will the USB-C port allow power bank use as well, or is it only for charging the light?

is it worth nearly 100$? i dont think so

I think I agree, also because the user interface is likely worse than the D4. But the EC65 still looks good :slight_smile:

Thinking of those nice Emisars, I can’t wait for Hank to surprise us with a D7 or D12, if it was feasable.

Its a nice light, but pricing should be $70-$80 tops imho, certainly not over near or over $100.

21700 tube wont cost anything more than an 18650(ok maybe a few cents more).

I will run 18650 and USB does not bother me, if anything its just something extra to fail anyway. Also adds an ingress risk/point. So for $40-$60 the D4 still makes more sense imo.


That is what I was thinking as well.

The price just keeps creeping up. Now listed at $139.90.

Maybe USB-C ports are really expensive? This light is quickly falling outside of something that a budget light forum will be interested in…