ACEBEAM K40M Pictures Reviews Suggestions

everyone,I’m Neal, the Neal from Banggood.
I open this thread to collect the suggestions of ACEBEAM K40M, for a company who pursuit of excellence must focus on customer experience
and listening to customers, so they want me to make a collection of the light K40M. and other acebeam flashlights’ suggested also can post here.
As many people will receive the light in the few days, so post your pictures here and say your thoughts here.
like the K50 V2 by Old-Lumens


K40M doesn’t seem to have built in charging port and “smart battery carrier” like what K50 does, hence there are lesser electronic components and hopefully it is simpler and having lesser issues.

Less is more, this is what we learn from K50.

Thanks, I’ll tell them.

I have one on order. I will let you know what i think when it gets here. off the top of my head i wish it used a 4x18650 carrier to extend run time and spread out the current load a little more. Interesting that you would run a xm-l2 off 4 batteries and a mt-g2 off 3.

Well packaged, nice holster, good beam with very pleasant tint. Bright too.

mines on the way, i do have a tn35, anyone with both a tn35 and a k40m?
what they compare like?

Mine arrived a few days ago but I haven't had the opportunity yet to compare it with my TN35 which I will be doing in my full review. I will say that it's of fantastic build quality. So far in just firing it up and playing with it my only complaint is that the control ring is too stiff and is difficult to turn with a finger or thumb on the holding hand. The grease used is far too think and stiff.

Other than that, like Boro said, it's packaged well enough inside the case and the holster is nice. The case it arrives in is a bit flimsy and not of the quality of ThruNite's cases

beamshots here:

I was also stumped by Sup/Acebeam going with a three battery setup for an MTG2 light. Would have made more sense to have an MTG2 light using the K50 as a platform, not the K40.

BIG issue with the K50, is the weird finish. It's too slippery. The other lights, K40, K40m, X40, even X60, are not as slippery, although on the X60 it would have also been very nice to have a bit more knurling to help with grip on the battery tube.

Also how hard would it be to offer tailcaps with two cutouts for easy activation with the thumb? (Or even one, the K40 has none.) It's enough of an issue that after market tail caps are being sold.

They are really practically the same light. The only difference is the TN35 has a larger head, so it has a bit more throw to it, but conversely the K40m has more side spill. Both are excellent lights, but IMO the TN35 is not worth the price jump over the K40M. Also if you already own one, unless you're a bit crazy about lights, there is not much of a reason to get the second.

got a k40m and a x60 on the way, just gonna get a tk61 next, then im done for a few months getting lights,

spent about £1000 this year on torches, stupid really

if the wife new how much id be well in shit street

Sorry...I had some beam shots posted here but the exposure time on them was different so it's not an accurate comparison. I will be retaking them tonight and reposting the accurate shots. ;)

Nice, k40m looks better than I was expecting

And thanks for doing the comparison

Thanks for beamshot JohnnyMac.

But I see two spot lights of K40M’s pic is a bit brighter.

I see what you are saying, Pok, but the pictures were taken with the same settings right after each other. I will definitely be retaking these tonight because it didn’t make sense to me as the TN35 had a much brighter and more focused hotspot indoors when white walling with the two side by side. It was no contest indoors that the TN35 should be better. Hmmm…

Pok, you are a genius! All shots should have been set at 4s shutter speed but for some reason the K40M shot exif info says it was 5 seconds. Somehow I must have bumped the camera settings and changed it without even realizing. THanks so much for the sharp eye! :D I will be deleting these and redoing them all tonight.

I have large magnetic ring lights from Jetbeam, the RRT-3, Thrunite, the TN32 and the SupBeam X40. I also have the Fandyfire Darth and several smaller magnetic control ring lights from Jetbeam, Nitecore and Sunwayman. What I want in a magnetic control ring is continuously variable output from a low moonlight level up to maximum, with no detents in ring travel for the main light output level control. Detents are fine at the ends of main beam control for standby and for selecting additional functions such as Strobe, SOS, selection of secondary colored LEDs etc, but not on the main beam intensity control. The X40 ring is good but it does not offer a Standby position and it has a separate detent for the lowest output position. Make it so the output is continuous from lowest to highest output. Nitecore and Jetbeam have done it on some of their smaller lights.

Keep the tail switch for complete light shutdown with no parasitic drain. One of the stupidest ideas I have seen is the user interface on the Jetbeam TCR10 which has eliminated the tail switch so primary off is on the magnetic ring. Way too easy for it to come on in a pocket or purse. The light has stepped output and no lockout being a titanium light. Combining a magnetic ring and stepped output eliminates the primary feature a magnetic ring interface can provide, the continuously variable output with speed of change and stopping point totally under user control. The no mechanical lockout design makes the TCR10 useless, and possibly even dangerous, IMO for pocket or purse carry and the glass breaker in place of the tail switch means it cannot even tail stand. It is a expensive Titanium shelf queen. They messed up the design in about every way possible compared to my old TCR2.

I would have liked to see a standby option using the control ring.

Awaiting your beam shots!

I see people are slowly getting their K40Ms. Mine is MIA, tracking stalled 18 days ago and noone knows where it is.

received mine on my holiday address... but had not much time to check it out..

finally I`m home, still struggling with a jetlag. but today I went out to take a few pictures for my review...

There is a slight difference in color of anodizing, but only very very little.. Nothing noteworthy, as I wouldn`t have cared about that at all, less I had read the K50V thread.
The only thing that was a little discouraging was the print of the letters Acebeam... which were not great

for the rest this is an AWESOME light!

here a few pics


more pics in my review to come.

That acebeam looks that rough, it actually looks like it’s meant to be that way