Acebeam K60 for $18 used - too good to be true?

I’m looking to get an Acebeam K60 - on they’re not that expensive new but there was one used for $18. That cant be legit??
Its almost like, I should buy it just to see. If its a scam it’s only $18 If its for real then that’s a hell of a bargain - right?

I would grab it before someone else does and worst case if it is a scam then file a claim and get your money back.

If "acceptable" condition is good enough for you, and you don't mind gambling on a newbie, go for it!

thanks - - I did just now purchase but whats interesting is: it said something like 6 available.
again, it’s only $18 and like Texas_Ace said : file a claim and wait for that money back if it is scam. I’ll let you all know in a couple weeks if I get it and what I got

For someone to have 6 used K60, then all for $18 each, is a sure giveaway of a scam.

Though good luck with the purchase.

Edit: Amazon you said? In ebay it’s very rampant, personally I have yet hear such scams in Amazon, or I just missed it?

I just sent a message to the seller asking for details on what “acceptable” condition is and if he has pictures of the actual flashlight.

There is also the AceBeam K70 for only $39, I think it’s the same seller.

Seller just launched. Ships from Canada. No way he could ship that to the US for less than $30… Scam

Yeah, thinking the same now that we see he has multiples. A single could be legit as it could simply be overflow at the amazon warehouse from returns (had it happen before, got HE2’s and HE4’s for $2 - 2.50 a cell due to this). This many from a new Canada-based seller though does scream scam.

oh boy… Looks like I’m out $18 for a few weeks. I’ll have to skip the 12 pack of UFO whites (beer) for a weekend now :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up. For $18 it was worth the gamble. Now he’s down to 4.

I snagged one. I’ll risk it.

My bet is scratch and dent.

My bet is you won’t get anything other than a hard time getting your 18 bucks refunded… lol

No guts no glory.

With only 6 available this guy only stands to scam $120.

Most these guys go big to make it worth their while.

I’m thinking 50% - heavily damaged or DOA. 30% - counterfeit light. 20% - I lost $18

I’m on a streak with damaged lights. So I’m going to kerp riding the wave till it breaks

I really feel like a scammer would have put his quantity higher. Why put such a low upper limit on your scam?

It’s probably a scam but I placed an order just in case it’s not. Amazon CS has always been easy to deal w/ me for issues on orders & w/ ~1k sitting in my Amazon GC balance I won’t miss $18 being locked up. Thx OP for the heads up!

What the heck, the delivery date is only 3 weeks away, so at most I am out the money for a month or so.

Think he is down to 2 left now. If these come through we will all be kicking ourselves for not buying 2 lol.

Course it also feels a little like the too good to be true S70’s awhile back lol.

The seller’s name is listed as Tim Trimper. Here is a link to the storefront. If you google that name, it turns out Tim Trimper is a retired NHL player. So maybe we just stumbled on a rich Candian’s sell-off of a huge stash of lights! But more likely, it’s a scam using his name. If that is the case, I trust Amazon’s CS even more than I do Paypal, so I bought one of the K70’s for $39.

Can he have a TN42 too? :person_facepalming: :smiling_imp:

You all better video yourself opening up the package so you can prove to amazon the scam and make easier getting your money back…

If you do get a badly damaged light, can I purchase the working driver from you?

Wow! Tm26 vor only 66 bucks!

LOL, I noticed that just after my last post. I ended up buying one of each, the K60, K70, T6 and TM26. Total of $173

This is by far the most I have spent on a single flashlight order. IF they show up.

I figured getting 4 lights for the price of 1 is worth the risk of being out $173 for a few weeks.