Acebeam W40, W50

On Acebeams website they have the announcement of two new flashlights (yet to be released) W40, W50. The proposed distance is 3KM and 6KM. I am guessing from the name and distance LEP??? I am sure the price will be up there. With that said, has anyone ever considered making a BLF version of LEP?

laser flashlights ?

Have a link to them?\_新款轮播图20-2-25.jpeg

The 6km one is gonna have to be at least 2000 lumens to be even near usable…unless you have binoculars stuck to your eyes.

I hope its less than $100

Very doubtful…… I recall picking up the W30 in for around $400 CAD…… and these are to outperform the W30 the price is going to reflect as such I would imagine.

Yeah if it’s change from 300USD I’d be extremely amazed.

I really hope these are at least 1000 lumens. Don’t think there will be 2000 lumens for this tech. Probably will get too hot. Not interesting if these remain 500 lumens.

The 500 lumen W30 with that tiny hotspot and extreme tintshift within the hotspot makes it really just a toy. Though a very fun toy…

I got my w30 for $239. If the W50 is close in price I would definitely pick one up.

…you mean the corona.Yes it is so…

When you say extreme tint shift do you mean more than the XHPxx.2s? Is this normal with LEP lights?

I believe the tint shift with LEP lens lights is chromatic abberation from the lens. Near the edges of the hotspot you get a rainbow effect. Since the hotspot is so small the rainbow is very apparent. This is a different effect than from the Cree flip chip LEDs.\_新款轮播图20-2-25.jpeg
The link is not available any more. It seems it has been removed from their page

heres to hoping this comes out soon

There are modded Acebeam W30s that measure at 550 lumens. I think its safe to say we can expect at least 600 for the W40 and maybe 750 for the W50. Of course lumens arent as important to a pencil beam thrower. I am more concerned about beam angle and tint. These could reach the moon and I still won’t get one unless the beam has even just a slightly better angle making it wider and a more even tint throughout.

With several miles of throw there’s no way you can expect the beam to be wider

Yeah, it sure looks like thats the direction Acebeam is going with these. I have hope for the Weltool W3 Pro…

Does anyone know where I could find a reasonably priced W30? Seems like many places are sold out.

it’s DISCONTINUED :disguised_face: that’s mean you need to wait for the w50 release