Acebeam W40, W50

I would normally but I want one for the beach in a couple weeks lol

W30 will be available again in 3 to 4 months

Do you know if all 3 tints will be available? Thanks

sorry - did not get that info

Ww is horrid decided to see how much current would destroy it will die above 3.5amp
Here is something to look at light engine from W30

That is a definitive end of it :open_mouth:
What btw is the normal working current of the W30?

2.5amp stock. funny thing is I took it to 5amp and it died. When It had cooled down it came back on and at 2.5amp it light output hasnt dropped any further.

grin, did the phosphor burn at 5A, or did the driver or laser just shutdown?

just the laser shut down phosphor seems to be ok.

Oh man I’m excited. I have the W10 and the W30 and they’re awesome. The W30 is like holding a “whitesaber”. Looks super cool to flick the beam around when it’s snowing

There’s a dude on YouTube who built a 200 watt blue “laser bazooka”. How cool would it be to build an “Imalent MS18”sized LEP light powered by that thing? As long as I’m wishin’ Focusable lens that lets you shoot a wide beam, one the size of a pencil, or focused down to a point (:

Pretty sure a laser with THAT kind of power would burn any phosphor used with such a device as that laser burns through metal readily.

Im working on it! :smiley:
Fully zoomable as you say.

Ceramic phosphor wheels used in cinema projectors can withstand from 100 ~ 1000W of 450nm output.
Operate at 450lm/W
Reach cd/mm2 starting from 2000 and up to 10000

Crazy stuff.

This system I am making will be operating at around 170W 450nm output.

Ceramic static phosphors (not wheel) thermally mounted on copper with TEC cooling can only reach around 600cd/mm2 and around 1100cd/mm2 with wavien collar.

wow..... just wow....

I truly hope you’re going to find a way to build a light like this and sell it my friend…

Is it possible to use a diamond window over the phosphor and and drive the phosphor through the diamond to provide cooling at the front surface of the phosphor? You would have to find a way to thermally couple the phosphor to the diamond. I imagine you could drive it much harder if you could find a way to make it work.

Totally random but the guy who built my 6 watt blue told me a while back he could build a 50 watt laser rifle. I’ll have to look up the video - he arranged the diodes so that the beams combined somehow.

Have you guys seen the white lasers? Styropyro had a setup where he merged a red, blue, and green beam (I think…) and the beam looked white. Maybe that could bypass the need for the phosphor altogether

Wouldn’t that just make it a laser and due to its rating it would be ILLEGAL for people to own anyway…. In general if I’m not mistaken lasers with a rating more than 5mW is already illegal at least in Canada and I assume America is under similar legislation.

You can own any kind of laser you want in the US but you obviously can’t shine it at people, animals, buildings, or vehicles. Especially airplanes (:

I have blue’s, green’s, red’s and violet. The least powerful one I have is 15 mw and the most is about 6 watts