Acebeam X75 Drone Beamshot Lighting up a mountain

Here’s the X75 in action. The hill/mountain is roughly 600m to the top.

Here’s the Astrolux EC06


Update: originally I wasn’t so happy with the X75, but that has since changed. I still stand by the slight disappointment of getting less range, and only at turn on was their Turbo specs recorded, I wasn’t aware of this. I also didn’t realize at the time that mine was the 5000K model, so naturally you get less range.

Once I tested the range for the 5000K model at 932m I found other drone locations, the final results are quite amazing. My review will be uploaded tonight, hopefully.

My MS18W get very hot so fast even at 60k lumens. The hot air it blows out hurts if my fingers were blocking it a bit.

Based on the size of X75, I already knew it won’t do good with 80k lumens, unless it is different LED. If it does output 80k lumens with 12 LEDs, it will shorten the lives of those LEDs very fast. But I don’t think 4x21700 can do 80k lumens with XHP70.2, that is like each battery has to output 180W.

Here is review for MS18. It hits 100k lumens briefly too. That is achieved with 18 LEDs and 8x21700 batteries.

A few of my friends got and posted their impressive X75, that is no doubt the design, build quality and UI are top notch. Actually, I prefer the X75 with using the high efficiency boost driver (20K lumens Constant for 20 mins is well controlled) and incorporating the innovative cooling fan and the latest CREE XHP70.3 LED technology coupled with the solution of 100W Energy Storage Power Bank and support QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2.0, PD3.0, AFC/FCP/ SCP/ VOOC input and output protocols, compatible with BC1.2/IPHONE.

Price is also attractive for me, a good value flashlight only at $399, it blows away other similar lights: (Acebeam X50 2.0, Manker MK38, and Imalent MS12 mini and MS18 $670) :person_facepalming:

The tint looks nice, and a little warmer, with the Acebeam X75 in the first photo.

I wonder what the runtime is actually like on High. 20K lumens for 20+ minutes looks impressive.

“12x CREE XHP70.2 LED 6500K”
“Power Mode & Windy Mode:”
“High: 23,000lms~17,500lms~900lms; 7minutes+25minutes+8minutes; 622meters; 96,721cd;”

I wonder how far the XHP70.2 6500K and XHP70.3 6500K throw… yes, I realise that it’s a flooder. :smiley: :beer:

Sure people pay for the items below:
PD fast charging and powerbank(not really easy to use with those greasy tread around),
Smart temperature and fan control(this is important to maintain LEDs lives and performance,
maybe an efficient circuit(but for monstrous flooder who cares about efficient circuit, most will top up its batteries for best output performance)
High quality built (branded built quality)

But Acebeam should have been honest about the 80k lumens which is fake.
If someone pay Acebeam thinking to get 80k lumens, they are scammed by Acebeam.

Acebeam is not honest when they use 12 LEDs and 4x 21700 to achieve 80k lumens.

It is a very impressive model, but I only purchased this (reviewers discount) to show my viewers the drone images since no one else will. I was relying on the range spec on turbo for the specific locations, only to be disappointed. If I had known the 1150m range was at turn on only, I wouldn’t have put my hand up to review.

No issues whatsoever with the design, build quality etc

They did send me a video showing their reading was 80K. I can’t verify this since I don’t have a professional sphere

We need to make bigger DIY integration spheres for comparable results :beer:

Large hollow polystyrene spheres are hard to come by in Australia :weary:

I should send it to Light Lab in Aus for verification lol that would be interesting wouldn’t it

In that video, was the flashlight on 4x21700 batteries or on power supply?
For OTF reading of 80k lumens, each LED has to output 7000+ lumens, let’s say 60W per LED, total power could be as high as 720W, that means each battery has to supply 180W of power.

Calculating battery voltage drop, assume voltage is 3.9V at high current, the current is 46A per battery.

uploaded as a youtube shorts video so I can’t add it here

I found the current information from another forum(【图片】acebeam x75拆机夜射【手电吧】_百度贴吧), can it explain the relationship between current and lumens about the X75?It’s 55.8A of the total battery pack output.

I think have to wait for more review.
But I think high chance it is scam.

X50 - 8LED 3x21700 38k lumens
X50 2.0 - 8LED 3x21700 45k lumens
X75 - 12LED 4x21700 80k lumens (sounds too good to have such advancement with similar type of LED and 4250mAH 21700 batteries)

So X75 is using this battery.

And current measurement done by X75 owner in the link above. Way above maximum battery discharge specification.

With typical internal impedance of 0.016Ohm of the battery, voltage drop will be higher, 10A will have voltage drop of 0.16v, 20A will have 0.32v of voltage drop, so my estimated calculation of 3.9V at high current is too optimistic. The more voltage drop, the more current it needs to sustain 720W power estimation.

If the current measurement is correct with minimal error, 720W/55.8A/4 = 3.22v per battery.
Or 55.8A*0.016ohm= 0.89v , 4.2v-0.89v = 3.31v per battery.

All Acebeam should have done is advertise the following

Turn On = X
FL1 = X

Instead they state FL1 in the manual for all levels. If they’re not careful they’ll start losing the trust of the enthusiast community.

Just getting ready to take more photos with the drone at a closer range, these should look amazing

Now the question is the safety to discharge at 55A for 45A max discharge battery. Looks like power consumption wise it is there.
And question about the very high efficiency of Acebeam circuit to deliver all these power to the LEDs, or it won’t get to 80k lumens.
More review will reveal the actual lumens number.

One. About 10A above 45A max in datasheet.

This is both scam and SAFETY issue to me.
Acebeam should make X75 takes 8x21700 battery pack and sell this battery pack at cost price to existing buyer. Feels like it is incomplete product with 4x21700 battery pack.

Measure power output in watts. What is maximum power output in watts for 4 batts?

If following specification of max discharge current 45A
(4.2-45*0.016)*4*45 = 626.4 watts

Yeap, looks overpowered, like all direct drive lights?