Acebeam X75 Drone Beamshot Lighting up a mountain

You mean modded direct drive lights? Sure some extreme expert modders are doing that for extreme performance. But 55A for one 21700 battery is not common.
I am not aware of any stock light that sucks 55A of juice per battery.

here the total internal resistance of the battery pack is 0.0414, so the internal resistance of the single battery is low than 0.0103

the X75 uses the boost driver, here is the link

wow it does look a bit underwhelming at that pic, if thats how its close to reality what u see with eyes it seems its not worth it… so many lumens and not so big difference ?

i think the flashlight industry needs rules and regulations, stating a light that does 80k lumens but doesnt even hold that for even 10 seconds sounds like a ripoff to me…

(4.2*4-45*0.0414)*45= 672.16 watts

Unless Acebeam handpick every pieces of batteries, else better follow battery datasheet of 0.016ohm internal resistance.

700w boost driver? Maybe, but for low - med modes only. I ques its a buck driver with DD channel. To know for sure we have to know drivers output voltage. Is it so hard to measure?

55.8A?? How long till one explodes…I’ll understand if it was a P45B but the P42A should not be pushed that hard.

Manufacturer max discharge current is still 45A, but it has higher capacity and lower internal resistance.

Although lower internal resistance will have less voltage drop hence lower current draw, I think it will still be over 45A max current to get 80k lumens OTF for 12 XHP70.2

I have not had a chance to test the X75 but from my experience with Acebeam products, having reviewed the E70, the E70 Ti and the Rider RX, they seem to deliver both on quality and reliability. I would be interested to see specific measurements on the X75 by someone who has the required equipment.

Marco at 1Lumen has been sent one recently. Cheule measured the 5000K on his calibrated PVC tube and hit 64K, Matt Smith also achieved similar. In saying this though, no reviewer is going to be able to give a proper reading since we don’t have a certified calibration light.

I measured the range tonight at 5 meters and only hit 932 meters for a split second.

Acebeam make great products, but it’s quite common to not achieve their specs, even the range falls short. I reviewed the Rider RX and E70 Mini and this was the case for me and everyone else.

Someone share this but doesn’t explain what has happened.

I have always known that the 80k lumens if real (?) Were only a dream of 3 or 4 seconds and I add fortunately because pushing the Molicel P42A to 55A or 10A beyond their maximum is not at all safe, I had already written that with X75 it has certainly won the marketing of the numbers shot on the cover, I believe that those who like me bought it did it more for the 20k lumens for 20 minutes than for the indecent numbers of maximum emission and launch. For the launch I didn't have high expectations, on the other hand it is a flooder and almost all of these are so blinding up close that they do not allow you to see very far. Thanks for the fantastic photos of the drone which are like x-rays for a flashlight or clearly show the performance with strengths and weaknesses and it was a truly brilliant idea because the images speak for themselves much more than 1000 words.

The 45A rating for the Molicel P42A is only the max continuous discharge rating down to 2.5v, not the pulse rating. The X75 isn’t pulling 55A per cell continuous, so therefore isn’t a safety concern. The X75 steps down fairly quickly.

I don’t think that is definition of pulse discharge. Pulse discharge should be something shorter than 1 second or even shorter calculating in milliseconds.

I sell a PLB 26650 in my store and datasheet rates at 10A continuous with a 25A pulse of 30 sec

Poor fan. Looks like an impact took it out.

Edit: I got really curious and did some searching. It came from a tear-down post by someone who really wanted to know what's inside.

I can’t find datasheet of Molicel stating its pulse discharge current.
And I don’t think it is so simple. What is the rest period for the battery after 55A current draw even for a few seconds?
Too many unknown factors, I don’t think it is considered no safety issues when Acebeam design it to use the unknown performance region of a battery that is not even in its datasheet.

The tear-down guy didn’t tear down the fan to see what’s inside the fan.
Another guy posted that fan broken into pieces. But he didn’t say what has happened.

That other guy said it's a teardown of the fan. "援一张散热风扇转子分离图"

If you trust google translate.