acer laptop pack pull

my friend gave me this brand new acer pack, is it worth to pull? also i remember there was a thread showing how to pull correctly, couldn’t find it anymore.

Worth it even though the cells are 2000 mah. If you don't want it, I'll be happy to pay you the cost of shipping. :D

To take apart the pack, pull the label off first. Sometimes there's an open area in the case that'll make it a lot easier. There aren't any cells by the connector, so I start prying open the pack there.

Yeah I’d bet 2000mAh cells like leftye said, if you could use them, why not?

It might not even be single 3.7v cells. I’ve opened packs that have had flat cells just like RC packs with an 11.1v voltage and high 6000mah like that.

It’s 11.1 V, so probably 3x18650s (3 x 3.7V) in series. 6000 mAh, so 3-tuples in parallel, i.e., 9 x 18650s.

“Battery cell made in Korea”, so probably Samsung.

Yes, it’s worth it, esp. since you got it for free :)!

Didnt know samsung was korean. Now I am interested as to whats in it…… Go for it! Nothing to loose ehh

The Acer Aspire TravelMate AS09D70 5600mAh 6 Cell has 2800mAh (5600/2) cells. Seems 6000mAh should then give 3000 mAh (6000/2) cell.

Could also be LG cells. They are also made in Korea. Although Acer usually uses Samsung.

If you pull off the label as earlier noted, you will be able to see the cells underneath through the aforementioned gap. You can then ID the manufacturer and mah by the cell color.

Its possible it could be these.

3S2P there’s one way to find out!

I believe those are 9 cell packs, so I don’t think they contain 3000 mah cells. But that’s the fun of cracking packs … Seeing what treasure lurks inside!!!

I’m really hoping these are 3000mah, I will crack it open later and will post updates. Thanks

Well the label does say 3ICR 19/66-2.

What does that means?

Samsung ICR 18650 cells 19mmx66mm

ok so i just pull the pack, there are 6 samsung 18650 cells. could it be 2000mah or 3000mah?

3000mah, 4.35V

cool, they are all at 3.65v when i pulled them, in the i4 charging right now, also my friend paid $18 for it at a computer show, so i think it’s not a bad deal.

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Thanks for this thread, vuanhquoc.

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