Active again: Nichia 219CT 4000K R9050 high CRI LED (and some trits)

Nichia 219CT 4000K R9050 high CRI LED
It is used in the ReyLight Pineapple, and Ti LAN.
I was requested by a few members to sell bare emitters.

4$/pc, free shipping with tracking number, paypal is
Order 10 pcs or more, 3$/pc.
If possible, pls send it as gift and pm me your shipping address.

Some trits:

1.5*6mm trit, 6$/pc
ice blue-25pcs

A few old drivers available. 3$/pc (2K HZ PWM)
0.9~4.2V input
Reverse protection
14.6mm dia
5.5+/-0.5mm height
Below test result of 219CT:

Great! In for four. Pretty much the reason I ordered the Pineapple so better just stock up on the emitters.

Awesome! Thank you for this, not only is the Pineapple looking great, but I can get the 4000K 219C’s as well!

Has this one been tested yet?

Im interest in 8 pieces but just to be sure will it fit the board above?

How much for them on a copper DTP MCPCB? Can’t reflow myself, lacking the tools (and skill).

I just payed for 4 of them, thank you.

Is it free international shipping? I’m very interested, just not sure if you can ship to Poland. If copper DTP MCPCB is also an option - that’s even better.

Sent my money, and consider this a bump!

Not anything I’m aware of.

emitter size is : 3.5x3.5x2.0 same with 219B or the 5000k 219C
It will fit.

Really sorry, we provide only bare emitters.

yes, free shipping worldwide.

I’ll take 10. I’ll pm about then soon.

thanks i will send payment tonight :slight_smile:

Thanks Rey for doing this; will take 5 of them. Sent PP.

I’ll take 4 please. Pm and paypal sent. Thanks

In for four. PM/payment sent. I didn’t know these things existed yet.

Sent payment for three. Also sent a PM. Thanks :+1:

I just sent paypal and PM, for four.