Add BLF to tapatalk

Hi mods/site owner/admin.

I just recently discovered BLF and its a site that have become quite addicted to!! In fact, I read it multiple times a day and its quite nice.

I have a request and if you could implement it, that would be great. It would be to add the forums to 'tapatalk' which is a great tool for forum users using mobile. Its FREE to implement for site owners.

Here is a link to their FAQ.

Thanks for considering the proposition and good continuation!

I second this.

I'm all for Tapatalk access here. That said, I remember reading in another thread that there were issues trying to implement it on this forum software. In other words, it isn't ruled out, but isn't as easy as it sounds.

there is 2 other threads on it that i can remember. the tapatalk service on the forum side is free, but the software does not work on all forums. there is a module for drupal i found and linked in an old thread, but it was only for one version of drupal. either it was for the wrong version, mr admin is not interested, or hes secretly setting it up behind the scenes. i dont believe he had commented in either thread

I don’t get the advantage? I am on the site via my phone now. Are there some examples of sites etc you can show…

Today is way too late...tomorrow ill try to take screenshots of my phone on broswer/tapatalk and post.

It's a native app, one single app that you can use to access, navigate and read all your forums (forums that support it that is - many do), it automatically handles login, very easy to navigate compared to forums in a phones webbrowser (natively made for phones, meaning it's not a webpage designed for a big computer screen). Just a quick tap on the app-icon on your phone and you're up to date with all the forums you follow. It's also really fast, probably because it doesn't have to load the entire web-pages, just some simple JSON/XML per thread or something..

It's supported on iOS/android/symbian/blackberry I think. Works pretty smooth on the iphone at least :)

Try it out, there's a LAAARGE catalog of forums available when you start the app. Should be easy to find an interesting forum to see how it works in the big list.

Any update / any persons +1ing this?

Sorry guys, I would also find Tapatalk useful, but unfortunately it simply doesn't support Drupal (which is the engine that runs BLF). Somebody is working on developing a module to support Tapatalk, but progress is very slow.

How about forum runner??

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I've used tapatalk on other forums and I don't see what the big deal is really ? I'm on BLF now on my iPhone it handles my log in it loads fast and I can see all the pictures and what not while browsing it uses bugger all data of my mobile plan. Another thing is I had to pay for tapatalk from the apples store after using it for a while I don't even bother any more.