Adventures in TinyAVR 1-Series

Well… it only took me a year to get the time to work on this. :person_facepalming: To my defense, I brought home my 5th child (yes, 5) just a couple weeks after getting the PCBs in the mail.

In the past few days, I have managed to (1) flash the dev board using Linux (previously I had only used Atmel Studio for these newer chips) and (2) completely ported over Anduril to run on the AVR 1-Series! I’ve got it running seemingly flawlessly on the dev board. Code can be found here. I’ve tested: ramping/stepped modes, batt check, temp check, flashy modes (candle, lightning, bike, etc), button aux LEDs, etc.

Next up: get this on a proper driver and in a flashlight. This will aid in verifying full thermal regulation, battery warnings, sleep mode current draw, etc.