Advertising on BLF

I remember when BLF prided itself on the lack of advertising on its pages and its neutrality as far as not being influenced by adds, it now looks like the other place. Fortunately add block takes care of the adds for me I was shocked after I set up a new computer without addblock, hadn’t noticed until then.

Will it influence what we read here?


We have few shills, and advertising is what makes the site free, and they are somewhat unobtrusive and SB strictly allows them to post advertising threads in one area

What is your alternative on running the site, how should it be improved?

I was going to say I havent seen an ad I havent gone looking for. As In gone in the sellers section.

I’m asking for your opinion.

Maybe my new computer install, before adblock I was seeing a banner at at the top of the page and two in the left margin.

I don’t mind the ads, I even see some interesting ones to check out, just please do not put pop ups on the site.

Let’s be fair… yes, there are ads in the sidebar. However, you don’t see threads that are critical of dealers being edited/shut down by “the powers that be”. That’s the big difference to me.

SB’s server costs probably aren’t insanely high, but I doubt that they’re trivial either. Sidebar ads help cover that. And frankly, if they buy SB a beer or two, then I’m in favor of it.

I think you can’t get something for nothing, i would like no ads but unless this becomes a subscription only site the bills won’t pay themselves
So they are a necessary evil, in my experience websites with no revenue fail (actual forum experience)

We had the same thread not too long ago, it turned in to people bashing other people who have add blocker enabled on this forum and telling them that they should allow adds for this site/forum or go somewhere else.

But the adds do pay the bills or else the forum may not be here at all.

Not sure where the other topic ended up.

Ads are fine. You don't have to click on them and you have freedom of speech here. You may have some people disagree (and agree) with you, but you won't get banned for expressing a contrary opinion or making a statement against any of the advertisers. I'm grateful to the advertisers for paying the bills. I hope SB is making an income off this site. He certainly deserves it. He created a great forum and it takes time to maintain it.

There are really very few ads on this site. And to be honest I don’t even notice them. As others have already mentioned…no ads > no income > no site

As for SB making income off this site, he more than deserves any that he makes (and if he doesn’t then he should).

Hi guys, thanks for mentioning this topic and for discussing it in a rational manner. Basically, the possible issues with ads are twofold:

First, any time there is advertising, the question always (rightfully) comes up as to whether the advertiser is buying ad space or buying off the integrity of the site administrator. In this respect, I can say with a clean conscience that I value honesty and integrity more than the ad money. I do not accept advertising by sellers that I consider to be blatantly dishonest or unprincipled. Of course, some users here don’t like some of our advertisers, and I don’t expect perfection from advertisers since mistakes do happen. Some of our advertisers even show occasional signs of disorganization, sometimes resulting in poor products or sub-par customer service. But I do specify in the ad contract that if the advertiser starts to break BLF rules, including shilling or spamming, the contract will be voided. On several occasions I have banned sellers’ accounts after they approached me about advertising when I later discovered they were spamming or shilling. Additionally, I never censor negative discussions about our present or former BLF advertisers unless the discussion starts to violate the standard BLF rules of no vulgarity or fighting; in other words, such threads are held to the same standard as any other type of discussion.

The second potential issue with advertising is the risk of annoying users. I understand that this is a legitimate concern, and I take it seriously. I currently have three sponsor ad positions and three Google Adsense blocks (at the moment I have Adsense disabled for troubleshooting reasons), and I don’t plan on adding any more ad positions. All of the sponsor ads are personally approved by me before going online, and I don’t allow flashing or popup ads and I never will. As for the Google Adsense ads, I don’t have much control over what they display. But I have filtered out certain offensive and controversial ad categories and I continue to only allow Google Adsense text ads, since Google Adsense image ads have become very heavy and annoying in recent years. As for the context-sensitive relevant Google Adsense text ads, I actually find them useful on other sites I visit if I am shopping for something, which most of our users are doing here. So, I make a concerted, conscious effort to not annoy users here. But those who still hate the ads know to block them.

That’s all. Have fun!

Sounds like a more than fair policy to me.

The internet is dual fuel - it runs on either advertising or porn, or some combination thereof.

As long as sb56637 doesn’t put a peeler pole in the middle of the front page illuminated by a Xin TD, I’m alright with the way things are.

Adverts and porn have one thing in common. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to look.

I don't have a problem with the ads at all. Just don't click on them or use ad blocker. They help pay the bills and that's what the dealers should be doing.

I have heard lots of people say they would rather donate to the cause and not have ads, but then they will want to "have a say" about everything and that's not good either. I think sb is doing the best he can to try and offset the costs and that is entirely fine by me.

Let me take the opportunity to thank everyone on this forum for the help, and knowledge offered. SB in my opinion you are spot on in you philosophy on this site, and you do a WONDERFUL job running it. Thank you. Now back to lurking.

Gotta have ads unless our gracious admin has a healthy and generous money tree, or unless members are suddenly willing to do a 180° and start paying for membership. Ha! Even though some members are indeed that generous, I suspect too many members are too cheap to back up their love of this forum with financial support, and it'd curtail the influx of new members.

Personally I keep the ads on. It's the least I can do to support this forum.

The ads here are among the least-annoying ones I've seen. On another site I regularly visit there are ads that will add 5-10 seconds loading time to every thread you open. And did I mention flash/sound ads? We dont have annoying stuff like that here, so I'm fine with the ads, I sometimes read them.

Also, you should consider who you support by using Adblock. Its a profit-orientated company. They have a white-list built in and guess how you can get ANY ad on that white-list? You pay them. I'd rather ignore annoying ads and stop visiting websites with flash/sound ads.

But in the end, there is still the possibility to block adblock users. ;)

I think the ads are fine. I have clicked on a couple at different times and found them useful. It seems to me a logical thing to have on a site like this.

The ads are just like the rest of BLF..... P E R F E C T !


I’ve never found the ads on BLF to be obnoxious, aside from occasional shilling (which usually gets taken care of pretty quickly).

I’ve looked for a donate button a few times, which always leads me to the thread about how that isn’t necessary.

So, it seems we have three methods available to support BLF:

  • Click the ads now and then.
  • Surprise the admin with gifts.
  • Post interesting, useful information here. This is probably the most important one.

If you want to support BLF, try to make sure your posts will be valuable to others. (and remember, good questions are just as valuable as good answers)