Aerial Drone beamshots, Astrolux EC06 Review with Comparisons of MF01S, FT02S, L6 GT FC40

Very nice man!
Thank you so much
The 06 is a wall of light

Thank you for your valuable beamshot review. This is the reason that I like to get up in the middle of the night to see what’s on BLF.

Awesome drone shots!

Awesome work!!! Thanks for the comparison

Nice work J!

Very well depicted. Great drone shots (stills) and comparisons.

Really like your silence (no commentator) and backdrop audio.

Much work in making this video, with all the post-production and editing. Got a knack there. Subscribed!

And, good job in the follow-thru (comments section).

Very well done

That’s fantastic (or rather Funtastic) drone shots. Love the tiny silhouette of a person.

Love the Drone shots!
Whole review is glorious.

More please :slight_smile:

Excellent work! That ~2000lm sustained output is better than I was expecting.

Mine is arrived today… good news is you can use with one battery
Bad news is wrong battery voltage… 4,3V :person_facepalming:

Had the same problem, but fortunately you can adjust it in the Advanced UI