Aggressive knurling

Please post here about lights with the best knurling!


Thinking about how I much I like aggressive knurling the other day made me remember these: :smiling_imp:


I’d love to try and mod one, the DE-06 uses an 18560.
DE-01 (CR123) is nice too, possible 16340 mod?

You could grate some hard cheese on em’! :stuck_out_tongue:

Love me some grater knurling :+1:
But I have lights that are better (to me) than what they charge for their lights

What are your lights with the best knurling?

Nothing aside from Thrunite. My meaning was I would not spend what SOG charges for their lights. Their lights are nothing special compared to many, aside from the machining time.

The Astrolux s41 stainless model has some real aggressive knurling on it.

Only other light I have that compares is an old farka f8 v5 I think it is.

I too an a huge fan of knurling that feels like Velcro. I was sad when I got the Astrolux SS and it was not the same as the s41s

And just because the SOG light looks aggressive, does it feel aggressive? It’s a pretty cool design, but sometimes looks can be deceiving

Here’s mine:

UltraFire HD2010

XENO E03 v2

Thrunite TC20

Litesam E11Z

DQG Tiny 18650 1st

X-110 “Billy Club”

Bushnell pro 350

(DQG Tiny, Litesam E11Z, X-110 and Bushnell are my photos, the rest I borrowed off the web)

I removed BLF/Kronos X6 SS/CU and added DQG Tiny 1st, the SS/CU knurling looks good but in reality it’s not that aggressive, it’s nice knurling but kind of smooth actually.

They must have changed the knurling between the blf X6 and the Astrolux SS, because my SS leaves a lot to be desired on terms of grip

I don’t own one but per people that do it’s very aggressive, here’s some quotes from a review on them:

…………………“The extensive knurling is aggressive and abrasive”

…………………“It will wear through fabrics fairly fast”

And this quote from an old thread here on BLF:

…………………“knurling will thrash anything it comes in contact with” :smiling_imp:


It was also said they are great for wearing gloves with.

The white stuff in the photo is “packaging material” per the reviewer where this was posted.

Makes me wish they were cheaper… I’d probably do $40 for one, but much more than that on a host ain’t worth it, to me anyway.
It’s hard finding a proper knurl

Yes it’s one of the least grippy of the ones I posted, I’m thinking because of the stainless? The knurling on the tail cap seems better than the body and head. It’s not the greatest but t’s somewhat more aggressive than a lot of other lights I own. (most lights have lame knurling IMO)

Does the knurling in the photo I posted appear to have deeper knurling than what yours has?

I very much agree.


SOG prices:

The 1xAA and 2xAA are $32 / $36

The DE-01 (CR123) I found for $44, I’m thinking possible 16340 in that one.


The DE-06 uses an 18560 but quite expensive ($103)

DE-06 has a short tube but long tail cap compared to the DE-02 and DE-05 (2xCR123)
The lower output DE02 is only $50… so cheaper for a host but but a hair shorter than DE-05


I read these are pretty aggressive too:



v v There was a shorter version 2xCR123 (Walther RBL 800) v v ……………however I don’t think they’re available anymore:

v v Reminds me of these, v v ……………….but I think these are deceiving, if you look closely they appear to have a smooth knurling:

Ultrafire made a light that looked like the J5…. used to be on DX but I think they’re discontinued now.

I don’t see any of my lights having knurling that will take your skin off or any such. Sorry.
Can I still come here to play?

Forgot I had this one I bought at Walmart for a possible host a few years ago, just remembered and dug it out, it was still in pkg. unopened!

The knurling is fairly aggressive but the spacing makes it very grippy.


Bushnell pro 350 (2xCR123)

Well OK sure, since you are the:

:+1: :+1:

Thanks……Wow, that’s really cool. Where’d you find that?

Nice one beam0.
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Not sure I know how, Arsee.

For the SOG line of Dark Energy flashlights I found this very interesting, and a great tactical feature:
(quote from a review on another forum)


“All the Dark Energy lights use a very intuitive dual function tail-cap switch. It operates like both a forward-clicky and reverse-clicky at the same time.”

From OFF, using the momentary operation, you get High mode every time and you can tap the switch as many times and as quickly as you like, you only get High.

Once clicked ON, now if you tap the switch (half press) you cycle through the available modes.
Once you switch OFF, you will then get High on the first press every time.