All-Inclusive KumaBear CONTEST!


(Alliteration Intended)

This contest is All-Inclusive!

Who Can Win?

Every BLF Member – not just US Members!

(The only requirement is that you can receive a package from China Post.)

What are the PRIZES?

Prize for US Members: A Brand New Set of the BEST 18650 Lithium Batteries in the WORLD! We will be giving away a set (two) of the KEEPPOWER BRAND Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh Protected Batteries (freight prepaid) to the winner if they live in the US (or have a US address). These batteries will arrive nicely packaged in a Keeppower Brand Battery Case.

By the way, just in case you’re not familiar with Keeppower, they are the prime manufacturer that makes the high priced premium cells for many prestigious companies – some of those companies sell them for almost double the price. Keeppower uses very high quality Japanese ICs and a proprietary protection circuit design and there are a large number of favorable reviews about their products. Their production standards and consistency are becoming legendary. Having done the research, there are only 2 or 3 companies in China that can come even close to doing what they’re able to do!

Prize for Members OUTSIDE of the US: The new Custom Designed BLF (TrustFire) BLF A8 flashlight will be sent direct from China (freight prepaid) to any winners outside of the US (to whom China Post will ship).


1) Watch this thread

2) Contest Details to be POSTED IN COMMENT #1 at some time between now and Sunday.

3) In the case of a tie – we will strongly consider awarding TWO PRIZES! (There will be a raffle to determine the winner or winners if more than two qualify.)

Important: PLEASE post any comments and entries for the CONTEST in this thread ONLY!

Best Regards,


KumaBear Keeppower CONTEST and GIVEAWAY

Please Accept This as a Thank You Gesture

to all the Wonderful People in the BLF!

Contest Guidelines Follow

(“Rules” just sounds too formal for

something we hope will be a lot of FUN!)

Who Can Enter?

All Current Members in the US or with a US address

And all Current Members outside the US to whom China Post is willing to ship

(This contest will be ALL-INCLUSIVE!)

What Can You Win?

Please see the OP

What is the Shipping Cost?

Prizes will be shipped Freight Prepaid!

(note that the stated values on customs forms will be minimal so we hope that any Customs charges will be minimal as well.)

How many entries will be accepted per person?

TWO (2) entries will be accepted per member.

Any entry after the first 2 may be appreciated but cannot be accepted for the competition.

HOW MANY WINNERS will there be?

We expect that there will be one winner BUT if there is a tie – or if several people come up with equally good entries, there will be two (2) winners. If necessary, a raffle will be employed.

Advice to Entrants:

Do you feel like being serious in your answers? That’s just fine.

Do you feel like being creative and or a little silly? That will be fine as well.

(Is English your second or third language – or do you worry about your writing ability? Please don’t worry because grammar and spelling are not important and will not affect the judging.)


Please take a look at the KumaBear Avatar. Most would agree that the fellow in the photo is smiling.


Entries may include words, pictures, drawings or anything else that the BLF Administration wouldn’t frown upon.

Window of Opportunity:

Contest entries will be accepted from the moment this is posted until Midnight on Sunday Dec, 23, 2012 (Eastern Standard Time).


PS – We hope that this will be the first in a series of contests from your BLF Battery (with other categories to be added) Supplier.

Best Regards to All,

KumaBear (Bob)

Yummy S)

Can’t wait!

Watching and waiting!

wow, nice!

Giveaway?!? That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard today! I thought the prices were the giveaway. :smiley:

KumaBear Rocks!

This is awesome!! I’m in!! Thank you… :wink:

Go KUMA ! Everybody loves a GIVEAWAY! Count me in Please!

Thanks for handling my order just now.

I'm in for the Trustfire BLF A8

shall we call u kuma claus? i’m there

Non us members also, I’m in :wink:

Well played sir! Can't wait to see the details.

i am in , thanks.

I just received my second set of these from Kumabear. I can always use another set!!!


But of course if I win I will have to order another pair as well.

I’m in!

Fantastic holiday prizes! Thanks Bob. Im in.

Very generous. Thank you!