All of this talk about crappy batteries has me wondering...

I’m guessing these aren’t that great?

There’s no such thing as a 4000mAh 18650.

I think it was part of HJKs reviews. They came up crap- serious crap.

can you point me to that thread?

So I’m guessing these wouldn’t be good to run in my skyray 3-T6 818?
Does a KD c8 pull less than the 3-T6?
I guess what I’m trying to figure out is whether it’s better to run these in my skyray 3-t6 818 or my KD c8.

If you are going to use them, stick to single cell lights.

Awesome thank you for the info

Yeah those are not very good, for the price of These I dont think you could go rong. I only use Sanyo or Panasonic when it comes to Li-Ion batteries.

Apparently I got one that may be somewhat decent. It out draws some better brands.

But I haven’t measured capacity and assume it is nearer to half of the 4k.

Note on the comparisons at the link how bad the 3k is to the 4k, too.

Stacking batteries with different charges or Mah’s etc can be dangerous. How often to accidents actually happen? I don’t really know. I spent years on E-cig sites and the debate was endless yet in all that time I only heard of one person who actually managed to get injured and that was a person who used a completely messed up Mod and battery combo.

Personally I don’t care to stack batteries, it’s also a little bit more scary with flashlights because there are not generally vent holes. In almost all e-cigs mods or larger battery ones you will now see that there is a vent hole on the bottom.

Batteries are not going to hurt your flashlight at least not in a catastrophic manner just because the Mah’s stink. It’s when they are stacked that one batter can overheat. This happens because the drain on the lesser powerful battery is too much for it to handle. Most of the time this would simply pop off the protection. If the protection doesn’t pop off and for some reason the light is left on you can possibly turn your flashlight into a small pipe bomb.

My advice would be that if you are going to stack batteries go with high quality protected batteries. If you are not stacking use what you want just remember that the numbers rarely tell the truth. Cheap batteries will cost more in the long run. However, I have had decent luck with mid range batteries like the trustfire blue batteries 2500 mah. I think that is about as cheap as I would go.

What I would be interested in would be hearing if this has happened to anyone on this site. Have any of you turned your flashlight into a pipe bomb?

Try Kumabear here on BLF for batteries:

He carries quality lithium ions at very fair prices, and ships from Boston, MA.

Very highly recommended by myself and many others on BLF!

I was sort of wondering about the odds too. Doesn’t seem like I’ve seen anyone here with any explosion experiences.
It’s good to know though that’s its probably not best to stack these in particular. I’m going to test them tomorrow when i get my hands on a multimeter to get the numbers that they are putting out.
How do you normally test your batteries?
What setting on the multimeter should i have it on?

I’ve had a puffed LiPo, but no problems with Li-Ions.
Had more problems with leaked AA alkalines than anything else.

I just realized that my other batteries are actually sanyos. I never noticed the etching in the shrink wrap until now.

Theyre UF18650FH.
They were pulled from an acer (I think) lap top a while back.

From what i can find, theyre not too bad of a cell?