ALL SOLD THANKS: Copper pills for HD2010 <------------- Zoooooooooooom!

Hi all,

I have received numerous PMs and emails about this and now that my lathe is up to snuff again I decided on a run of pills for the HD2010 which is IMO one of the best lights to come out of China.

These are machined from inch and quarter solid copper, and will replace the factory aluminum pill.

These bad boys dwarf the C8 pills in size

The driver recess is a precise fit for a 17mm driver such as 7135 based boards, you may need to add some spring though.

Just to give you and idea of what you can expect by upgrading your HDI did some lux tests.

Factory HD2010 at 1 minute tested 43,000 lux which is not bad for a factory reflector based light.

With a dedomed XML2 on a sinkpad with this copper pill direct drive at one minute rocketed to 210,000 lux.

Price is

1 x $27

2 x $26 each

3+x $24 each

World wide shipping is $4

16 or 20mm copper sinkpads are $1.75 each with purchase of a pill. XML2 1C emitter can be added to any sinkpad for an addtional $9

PP is vesture_of_blood(@)

Please claim your items in the thread below (followed by payment), supplies are limited to what is listed!!!

1. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) leaftye

2. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) leaftye

3. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Hyprmtr

4. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Hyprmtr

5. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Hyprmtr

6. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Hyprmtr

7. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Ouchyfoot

8. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Cell guy +1xml2 mounted

9. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Steve H ( non member)

10. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Tom E

11. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Tom E

12. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Montanaman

13. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) FMcamaro

14. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) GT

15. HD2010 copper pill (SOLD) Gt

........................................... Gt


Sent payment for two. I'll probably add more. Thanks for deciding to do this project.

I will take one.

Do you still offer the 20mm sinkpad with XM-L2 emitter mounted?

paypal sent for one pill!

Sure, I will add that to the thread. Cost for adding an XML2 1C emitter to any Sinkpad is $9.

Hi Matt! I will take 4 please. I need to paypal 100 even right?


Ken, your correct. $100 even.

I feel like I've been waiting forever for this. This is how I feel right now.

Sent payment for one. Thanks.

PP Incoming. 1 Pill + Mounted LED + Shipping = 41.75

Payment sent.

Payment sent for Qty 2 - looks like no PP fees!

Thanx!! Been wait'n for this. Got 3 HD2010's sitting around - 2 stock, so really need to crank up the amps - 4.5A ain't enough!!

I’ll take one.

I'll take 3.

Edit: PP sent, thanks.

Wow, this is selling like candies in a school! Time to start a copper pill manufacturing company…

I’ll take 1, paypal sent. Thanks

Please put me down for one. I will send paypal tonight.

Thanks VOB!


Not sure if you sold out before I posted this or not. Can you please PM to let me know? Thanks.

I think they are sold out, aren’t they?

Wow!!! Thanks everyone. ALL PRODUCT IS NOW SOLD!!

I think the thread may have gotten away from me a little bit, I had to run to town for a minute.

I will go through the list of payments I received up to the time of this post. Orders will ship out in the order of payment received starting tomorrow. I will update the thread as soon as possible, but i have to go to work shortly.

Thanks again all.

I have updated the list. If you have sent me payment before the time of the previous post and DO NOT see your name on the list please let me know.

The ones at the bottom of the list may take an extra day or two to ship out. I should have enough material to cover the extra two that were sold.

Thanks again all.

Wow, that was quick! Should have checked BLF this morning.