alpg88, 3rd annual contest thread,

he does, 100w driver of that size, I do not think I know of any other like that. I was gonna go with 9 xml, but than realized i’d get more with 6 xhp50, I know I can dedome xhp50, and it will fit under cute3up optics, as for beam angle, I think it’ll be either wide spot or narrow flood, but with 10k lm or so, it is not that critical, it will reach far and wide


so… any progress with the build? :slight_smile:

unfortunately not really, i have a very busy time at work, do not have time to do the project, thou things may settle down by the end of sept. i may be able to finsh it, in last week or two.

managed to get some time, and had some progress,

the light will have 6 xhp50 leds, soldered onto 35mm triple xm star, had to dedom the leds so they fit under cute 3up lenses.
the light head is a u shape aluminum, channels, they work as a cooling tunnel” for leds attached to the other side of the channel. on top end it will have a fan blowing air down thru the channels.

made a mount for a fan, it will be ireted to the head, and fan will be help by 2 screwes.

this is the back side of the head it will be riveted to front side, and bolted to the body.

the head assembled, still have with protective paper on polycarbonate window,

going to be quite the hand held flooder :slight_smile:

the body of the light is made of plywood\polycarbonate\carbon fiber sandwich.

3\8 layer of polycarb, will have 3 color leds in the back, yellow, green, and red.

before I glued plywood\polycarb layers, I cut a slot inside a handle and put 3\8 plastic tube in there, so I could later snake wires thru.

than I cut side pieces out of 3\8, 1\8, sheets of craft grade plywood, and for side covers from 1\8 carbon fiber.

I used masking tape to attach 2 sheets together, and cut them as 1.

color leds are mounted on 3x3\4x1\4 piece of aluminum. will be powered by 500ma driver, the heatsink does not seem to get hot much, I ran all leds for few hours each, it was warm but not hot, I do not see it overheat inside the body.

Interested to see how thus turns out, 6 x XHP 50 is a lot of power.

coated wood parts with 3 coats of clear shellac, snaked wires thru handle, installed one switch, and dimmer.

Starting to take shape nicely. Can the fan be reversed to act as a hand-warmer? :)

Excellent progress. Really liking the direction you are going with this. Best of luck on the remainder. :)

Great read. Fun watching this. It is turning out really cool!

thank you guys for kind words, yes fan can be flipped to blow warm air up.

some more work done.

cut hole in side panel, installed driver heatsink, (a diamond plate),

Looks like you’ve got your Hyperboost driver.

yep, that is a hyperboost.

installed a t stat in the head, along with voltage regulator for the fan, I set it to a little under 12v, mounted the regulator inside the “tunnel”, it may help to cool it, if it even needs to be cooled.

next I installed the river for color leds, in one of the internal side panels, than intalled charging port, and rotary switch for color lights, in outer cf side panel, charging port is 8 pin cb speaker jack\plug.

next is putting it all together.