alpg88, 3rd annual contest thread,

i’m in for hand made category. do not really know what i’ll be building yet, design is not finalised, only leds, lenses, and batteries are collected so far. but one thing i know for sure it will make a lot more lumens than last years build.

Good luck. The sooner you start the more time you will have to solve the problems that arise.

Looking forward to seeing what you build this year.

yes, that is true. but the hardest part for me, is to come up with new design.

Great to see you back for this year's contest alpg88. :)

I hope to be joining you and the others in competition. If not, it will be great to see what you think of and create.

Nice to see you here having a go. The more the merrier.

Get cracking, MOAR LUMENZ!!! :beer:

Subscribing to see what you come up with. Good luck!

Good luck this year. Looking forward to what you come up with.

And the crowd yelled “MORE!”

thank you for kind words gents, i’m interested too, what i’ll come up with, lol. but i already have a rough idea. starting idea, at least.

it will be around 10k lm. i will use plywood , aluminum, diamond plate, and will even try carbon fiber this time. it wont be an edc light, but i do not want it to be really huge, bulky light either, so will have to do active cooling. 10klm, about 100 watts, will definalty need it. a also will include color leds in the build as well, just for the hell of it.

^ That sounds real interesting. Compact and powerful. Very nice goal. Grabbing the popcorn.

i already encountered some problems before i even started building, lol, taskled did not answer my email for 2 days now, i was gonna use hyperboost for my build, now, that it looks like i may not get one, i will have to rethink entire project, i just can not find anyone else that builds\sells 100watts boost driver, like hyperboost, small, and dimmable.

He shows two in stock. Did you order one?

yea, it does show 2, but his site is not the type of sites you just place order, you have to email him first, i have done it few times before, but this time he is not responding, he used to respond within minutes to an hour before, oh well, may be he is busy, or on vacation, and will reply latter, i’ll wait few more days.

He’s small like RMM so yeah, probably just away for a bit.

I would imagine he will contact you, but you could always talk to RMM and see if he has any ideas on the subject. He might be able to help and I imagine some of our other electronics guys might too.

yes, he did return my email, and i have bought drivers. so back to plan A.

some parts are collected, enough to start building.

George makes very nice drivers. I just wish he could sup them up a bit more.