Amazing little light Now With Beamshots

Earlier in the week I received a package from Australia. I saw that it was from MRsDNF. I was curious to see what he had sent me so I carefully opened the package to discover a really cool looking little light. I haven’t seen one like it before and I know that he is very good at creating things on his lathe so I knew that it was a custom MRsDNF creation! Cool! Steve had pm’d me a couple of weeks ago asking if I had any 16340 cells so I knew that this light was set up for Li-on cells. I popped a AW IMR 16340 in it and Wow was this baby bright! I contacted him to thank him and he gave me the specs. It has an XP-G2 emitter on sinkpad on a copper pill driven by A KD 3.04A driver, has 3 modes with memory. It also has 10 degree TIR optics. I put this little beauty in the lightbox yesterday morning and was blown away by its numbers. It started out at 859 lumens and ended up at 799 after 30 seconds. Next I measured it’s throw. At 1 meter it put out 10900 candelas. These are incredible numbers from a 75mm light and that includes the nubbie on the end for a key chain. It is a small light and thanks to the great heat sinking does get warm pretty fast but that’s cool with me because I only use my power lights in short bursts anyway. This little bugger is always in my pocket now. Thanks Steve!

Here is a shot with my D25C clicky for size comparison. Until now the ET was my king of little lights. Not anymore!


im really going to have to see if MrsDNF will take some beer tokens in exchange for a host sometime.

Nice, thanks for sharing. Can we maybe see a photo of the optics?

Very cool little light a true piece of very functional artwork for sure.

I will try. I kind of suck at macro.

This is the best that I can do. I am sure if you pm him MRsDNF will tell you what you what you want to know.

I hope it helps.

My world has all gone green . . .

Fantastic light! :love:

Thats really compact and nice!

I honestly have no idea what manxbuggy1 has been drinking. I have never seen this light in my life before. I think you will find that it is a 10 degree optic though. Just guessing. Thanks for the mini review.

wow brighter than the Eagle tac? do you have the first or second gen ET. i heard the new ones arent as bright.
you wanna sell that ET to me now?

Cool little :party: light

Nice, thanks for sharing.

Wow, outstanding pocket torch! The lumens reading you are seeing is basically at the Match's tested level for an XP-G2/SinkPAD at 3 amps, here: I have a similar light that is at or near the Match #'s with an XinTD X3 mod with a XM-L2 U2 on Noctigon I posted about here: What these 2 builds have is common in incredible heat sinking, I believe. Not familiar with the efficiency of TIR optics, but I think it's pretty high.

I have the first generation of the XM-L2. On IMR it has only two modes, low and turbo which is about 675 lumens iirc. This little one from MRsDNF beats it by about 125 lumens and over doubles the candelas. I can’t sell my ET though. It is my primary EDC. I run it on primarys most of the time for the modes but I carry my little DNF (my name for my new little beast) to play and impress the crap out of people and believe me, it does that very well!

isn’t it customary for someone tell yell…………….

BEAMSHOTS right about now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tonight! I promise! I can’t believe that I forgot something that important. Lol.

Gorgeous light :slight_smile:

Well I just tried to do some beam shots tonight but I could only get about 30m shots by myself and that distance is a joke for the four lights that I tried. I will have to wait until weekend when my brother is up and can help me try some at 50m and possibly 100. Three of the four ( the DNF, BC10 & ET D25c twisty) are pretty darn good throwers and should hit the target with no problem, and the ET D25c clicky is no slouch either.

Any excuse……