Amazing People

I really don’t know what to say. There are some people on this forum who are simply amazing. When I came to this forum over a year ago, I thought that it would be like most forums; I didn’t really consider that it would be much different than other forums that I had been in, in the past. Kind of refreshing, that people from all over the world would seem to have so much in common, strange that they all seemed so considerate and helpful. Then, over the year, some became sick, and the forum stepped up to support and offer help and condolences. Then some lost animals, beloved animals — and again, the forum stepped up and offered easing words, and shared thoughts. Then tragedy struck, and again, kind loving words, followed by flowers and offering of comfort. Would it be appropriate to say that a group of total strangers can become friends — even family, over a shared simple hobby? I wish to express my open appreciation to those who give so much, those who give what they can, and those who learn from the fine example of others. What kind of forum, would just voluntarily offer gifts to others, just out of pure kindness. What kind of forum, where secret gifts and support are given, when it is needed by some other member who may be down or without support. Amazing people, simple amazing. Thank you ChibiM … gords, relic, OL, sb, FlashPilot, ryansoh3, and others, thanks for taking the time to contribute to the greatest forum on the net … :crown: :beer:

I agree 100%, This is the best forum ever made with so many kind people and i wish i can pay it back somehow like others do…………maybe ill come up with a awesome thrower DIY :slight_smile:

I’m new to all of this, and I found something here that just feels “right”. In the beginning, when I was trying to take it all in, I found very little on the “other forum” that was of interest to me. I really don’t want to read a review of a $600 flashlight that I will never own. Here, almost everything is of interest to a tinkerer like me. If I had gobs of money to spend a thousand dollars on a custom flashlight, people might listen to what I have to say over there. Here, you can write a comment about a Convoy light, and people are on the same playing field as you, and understand.

It’s a LOT funner to take a budget light, and make it better, than to spend hundreds of dollars, and be afraid to try to make it better.

I’m sure every one of us has a $30 light that you would put up against the performance of a brand name light that costs hundreds.

If our lights don’t have the modes we want, or the power we want, we put in a new driver, or mod the driver. If their lights don’t perform the way they want, they sell them and buy another $400 light in hopes of being happy.

You are one of them, flomotion!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Yeah great forum!

Many of us, myself included, have been touched/inspired/amazed, & enlightened (pun intended) by the actions of many members of this fine Forum.

Cheers! :beer:

I am totally in phase with drdanke, I bought in the past I bought some Fenix light, some low quality *fire, and some Romisen. Until I know this forum, for me Romisen was the best quality for price in flashlight.
Then now I know Roche and Convoy… so so good.

+1 flo - totally agree...

Thats some great sentiment, Flo. Thanks to everyone here for always being so gracious, including Mr. Admin for providing the roof over our heads.

I agree totally, the forum is a shining example of how community should be. And I feel all the better for being a part of it. thanks to every single member for helping to make it so.

just joining but this forum feels like home :slight_smile:

It’s amazing how people all over the world with a common hobby can be so considerate and friendly. Thank you all for your contributions to the incredible forum and thanks SB for maintaining this wonderful community.

Well said Flo and every word true. Great place to spend time, even the arguments get resolved with a civilized bearing (for the most part)
Sad that any of us have to bear unbearable burdens, but nice that so many have so much to offer by way of support. This big old cold world keeps getting smaller and warmer, and yes, even brighter, thanks to many of the folks here.

:smiley: Agree and I said it before too, the best forum in the whole world. I find the positive vibe here very… inspiring! great ppl make great forum. i’ ve been to forums where ppl are self-centered, aggressive and where u find trolls at every corner which made to to leave the forum completely. here i’ m just completely amazed by the fabulous ppl who are so ready to help. so a big thanks too.

In addition to the overwhelming generosity of the members (random giveaways for complete strangers!), I have been impressed with the general intelligence of the membership! There is a huge difference here than on other (very good) forums I've posted on. Users here have good spelling, grammer, and manners... Even non-native-English speakers are more literate than I am! Other than a occasional exceptions, cursing/vulgarity is kept to a minimum. There is more mutual respect of user opinions and general concern for each other than I have seen on any other anonymous internet group... Flashlight modders are special people! Laughing

Let's keep it that way!

You can still have some normal curse words which you would use in normal slang and not be warned/banned. I mean while saying those words, people are not trying to be offensive, its real life slang in there!

This is an amazingly open and tightly-knit forum where everyone’s contribution makes it a better place. There is so much knowledge to be shared and doing it in such a friendly manner makes everyone feel more welcome.
Mr. Admin is wonderful and does a great job keeping everything in check. All of this will make my indefinite stay more enjoyable.

Oh how I love BLF :heart_eyes:

I’m quite new here, I have been lurking for a while. I have to say that my first impressions are that this is a very good community. The people here are friendly and helpful. I have just started getting into flashlights and have almost no knowledge of electronics at all, however i am interested in learning more about this stuff and maybe one day trying my hand at all this modding business. here I feel that i am learning things and I don’t feel that i will be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions when i don’t know something. kudos to creating an actual community.

I’m in the same boat and couldn’t have said it better +1

I agree. BLF is one of my favour forum and I drop by almost everyday!