An Everyday Carry You Need

Thank you. This was interesting.

The placement of the USB port is ingenious. USB charging doesn’t appeal to me particularly but I’ve bought a couple of USB rechargeable lights for friends who are seriously not into removing batteries and charging them and having a charger about the place and afterwards replacing the battery. They expect a rechargeable torch to be a rechargeable torch, so you don’t take it to bits to recharge it. You put it onto a charging station or connect it to a charger. The rubber flap on the ones I bought is a source of slight worry. But there and again they are not folks who are likely to want a totally waterproof torch to go out with in all conditions.

The rest of the presentation is making much of the virtues of rival shades of grey IMHO.

I've watched several reviews by this gentlemen.

Nothing fancy, to the point, no fluff

Cheers to the maker if you're onboard the forum

And, thanks

I know, right… I’m really not that into it myself, but when I saw that I thought, WOW.

Thank you AR. It means a lot.

I wondered if the poster of the review might be the creator. I was winging it. You're welcome.

Yup, I like your reviews. Nothing high-tech and overtly fancy. Even the fancy editing is comical.

Keep doin whatcha do, man!

That was a nice video. That is a cool light. I also really like the placement of the USB charging port.

Good video & review!!! :+1:

Thanks for the review.
This light worth the money.
What is the coloror temperatute?
Acoording to the video it seems to be around 5700 - 5500,but I am not sure.

That is probly mostly to do with the white balance on my camera. Looking at it its own it did look about 5700, but really I think its a true cool, like 6000+ maybe. Along side an XML2 1? something or other, it looks cool, but with a lean toward pink. Not bad like the XPG3s though.


I got one of these lights and it came in yesterday. :slight_smile:
It is certainly a well done light. The fit and finish is excellent. :+1:

I do have a couple of questions I can’t quite seem to find in the brief instructions that came with it.

  • 1.) It appears when battery is low the side switch blinks RED. Does it ever stay on and not blink when the battery is very, very low?
  • 2.) When the battery is being charged by USB isn’t a Red light supposed to be on until the battery is charged ???-

Thanks in advance to any answers given. :+1: … (correct answers anyway…… :innocent: … )
Edit: I found the answer to Question #2 , it should be Red when charging.
Sooooo…. “Houston We Have a Problem” with the USB charging on mine. :slight_smile:Oh well, stuff happen. I’ll get it straight. :+1:
Edit #3: Perceived USB Charging “problem” was “operator error”. Tail switch must be activated for USB Charging to work. Info supplied by ‘infoMatt’. :slight_smile:


But I really do like the light. I’ll be carrying this one……… :wink:

Still wondering about question #1…….. :wink:
Edit #2: Question #1 answered.

You may all carry on now with your regularly scheduled programs. :disguised_face: … :wink:

The Lumintop EDC25 is a really nice light, thanks for making the video.
I especially like that maximised smooth reflector.
If a deal comes up for this light I will be tempted! :slight_smile:

I've got one EDC25 last week; I haven't used too much yet, but I can confirm it's a beast for its size.

About the charger: keep in mind you'll have to activate the tail switch in order to charge the cell (otherwise it's like having the tail cap open), and it seems that the charger won't reach the full 4.20V on the cell, but it would stop a bit early.

Hope it answers you questions...

Well ‘infoMatt’, it appears this was only your second post…… but a stellar post it was!! :slight_smile:

My USB charging “problem” now solved thanks to you. :+1:

Thank you sir!!! You are indeed the “info” man. :wink: I had not activated the tail switch…. :person_facepalming:

All good now… Yep, this light is a “beast”, I agree.

Thank you again & since you are fairly new here…… welcome to BLF!! :slight_smile:

You're welcome ;)

Actually I've lurked around for a while, and this forum definitely helped me knowing a lot more around cells and flashlights, so wherever I can be helpful to others I'll return the favor :)

Have a nice day.

It happens to use all from time to time… Really it only hurts bad when I’ve made public post about it though :slight_smile:

Thanks - I haven’t tried the USB charging feature yet, but I’ll keep that in mind for when I do!

Sure thing… you have a good one to my friend. :slight_smile:

Ain’t it the truth……… :smiley: … :+1: