An extreme low-lumen flashlight without functionality

I'm looking for months now for a little VERY DIM! single AA Flashlight for our family on Camping Trips with some very specific non-functionality :-)

To make a long story short I have some wonderful high-end lights but on every trip we end-up always using a simple cheap Mickey Mouse incandescent light. Why...? Because it has a very Dim light (ideal for in the car! and finding the toilet without waking each other)

Now to my surprise it's an absolute daunting task to find a Modern LED?, Extreme Low-Light, long-battery-lasting AA Flashlight without functions.

It has to have:

* A very Dim Light (5 Lumen?)
* Be AA
* No "Boost" Setting. Ultimately maybe 5 and 0.02? Lumen for reading and hiking a little path.
* Extreme long battery life

I guess that's just it... Whoever finds this has my everlasting respect!

P.s. Yes I know there are Zebralight H52W lights with 0.01 settings but I do not dare to pass that to my 3,4 and 6 year old on the backseat of the car at night!

not AA, but it seems to me to be the perfect light:

1-50 Lumen, 2 modes - if you need that extra light for searching something, long lasting battery.

The typical LED-stores don’t really have 1*5mm LED lights anymore - but search your local hardware store - they might have a 8 or 16*AA Battery Pack with a “free” flimsy flashlight in it.

Personally I use a Peak light in a way that’s compatible with your needs. Very simple, very dim if you need it this way. But twist some more and it can actually be bright. You can use the same light for both medium- and low- end needs. Possibly high-end too with X models (I don’t have one, I’m afraid that it might be too easy to turn it too high for you).
Price is not low though.

Alternatively you could use some flashlight for which open source firmwares exist and customize UI.

The Klarus Mi7 is single AA/14500 and one long press, from OFF, will give you straight to 5 lumens, and up to 700 if needed (14500).

Have you checked local toy stores? Hiking or sport stores also sell low output led lights.

Good thoughts!

I like that thought too…

Though the Klarus and the Nitecore still have quite some power on board. I’m not in any way against paying big bucks (as my other lights were not cheap also) but I was really looking for a specific non-bright flashlight. I even checked the but it still has that Boost setting that for sure my 3 year old will find. Looked like an option but still to powerful.

What’s up with our fixation for power??? I know, I was part of this madness but now I’m just dazzled there is no company that has taken maybe just one model that has the balls to leave away the BOOST setting. :FACEPALM:

Yes it seems local stores are a good solution although this will mean I’m checking all the Counter Offers at all hardware stores for the upcoming month while the Internet seemed like a faster approach… hihi

Besides the above I personally even believe this light to be the Ultimate Prepper/Emergency light. I mean I’m extremely proud to light up the sky with all my Cree lights and my Magcharger with first edition Terralux but now even in emergency situations the Mickey Mouse Light is smiling to me when the others are not to be found.

Come on, I know the perfect light for you. You don’t mind spending big bucks, but want no power and only a dim flashlight?
==> Get a Surefire.

Maybe a 2*AA Powerbank with an LED?
You could remove the USB-Part and maybe add a resistor to the led.

Does Surefire actually sell a model that has less then 300 lumens and is not connected to a gun?

I like the idea of a “joulethief” but I see no actual flashlight with this… That’s crazy because the idea looks almost to good?”:

Very interesting reading!!! I’ll be camping this weekend and for sure read all comments on this subject after my return but the above link is spot on with this subject also because it has some links to other lights that are already on the market. Because this thing still is pretty bulky.

I will second 2 of the above suggestions.

Klarus Mi7 - will work off AA and goes direct to 5 lumens when the button is held down, one more click for off.

Power bank with LED. Various models will probably run the little sub-10 lumen LED for days if left on, can be used as a night-light, and does not have any brighter output. Since it can be recharged in the car it is ideal for camping trips. Combine one of these with a little flexi-LED lamp and you have something very versatile.

For the Powerbank Yes it will work but not really the best Camping Solution maybe as it’s a bit of a workaround and does not have the toughness of a real flashlight I think.

Checking out the Klarus Mi7, looks interesting indeed,but does this mean a short press goes to max? I would just really need those two low light settings only.

Just because you have a higher setting available doesn’t mean that you must use it. Buy a light that has a low setting, and use the low setting.

I think DB is worried about the kids ruining everyone’s night vision with too bright a light.
Not AA but I can use a Yezl S7 with a nearly dead AAA and it works for days on a battery that wont even light other flashlights.
A Paklite or clone makes a good night light with a nearly dead smoke detector 9 v. battery.


Just today I found something that seems great for your needs.
1xAA flashlight with 5 lm max. I suppose it’s a single mode. Has alu body. Seems to be a luxury because at c.a. $11 is among the most expensive in the store.
Will post a photo later if you want.

Klarus short press does go direct to high,700 lumen, but this is easily avoided, and with an aa non lithium it will be just beyond medium.

3bux a pop, side-clicky, all aluminum, solid, takes a single AA, eats “dead” AAs that won’t even power my wireless optical mouse, so you can feed it all your dead AAs and have moonlight mode for hours on end. Or feed it new AAs and get 30lm+ from the critter.

I got like 6 of ’em. The one I carry regularly is my “bobofett” light, because it’s all beat to Hell from keys, coins, etc., looks like bobofett’s helmet, yet still works like the day I got it.

Buy ’em by the dozen for the price of a decent full-function tubelight.

Whups, didn’t see where you live ’til now. Don’t think they’d ship overseas.

Still, you can probably find a lookalike/workalike light just like that one.

The 47 quark tactical QTL suits this nicely except it is a cr123/16340 light.

It is currently on sale on eBay\_trkparms=pageci%253A891a3ab8-6d78-11e7-9ec1-74dbd1805d09%257Cparentrq%253A613d94f015d0ab640b74e72ffffd5c83%257Ciid%253A1

If you set both modes to low or even moonlight, you get what you want. I love mine.

You guys are the most resourceful and fast posters I have seen in any forum.

I have checked them all and understand very well that using nearly dead batteries is a solution but come on guys you must admit… So far we have only found “High Lumens Lights with a Low Setting” or “Workarounds with nearly dead batteries”. I’m not criticizing the help here please believe me but you guys have to admit it’s not easy to find a quality light that goes forever, loads an Eneloop and just has an old school Incandescent brightness…

Yet there are hundreds of lights with either 23 settings and/or 500+ Lumens. There must be one type within one brand that’s just a “Run Forever” flashlight.