An Idea for a new BLF challenge

First, I want to emphasize that this challenge is not meant to replace BLF O/L challenge but to be added to it.

Secondly, I have not really formulated all the details yet and the purpose of the post is to check feasibility, hear comments and discuss the rules.

So my thoughts are:
1. The first stage of the challenge is BLF offering idea for lights they with were available and estimation of price they are willing to pay for this lights.
It must be a doable idea that other BLF members are able to build and the price should be reasonable, reflecting components and effort.

2. The second stage is a poll were members choosing their favorite light. Voting for a design means "I am willing to buy this light in this price"

3. The third stage is BLF member trying to improve the design and contribute ideas from their experience.

4. The 4th stage is members building their version of the design. It can be done by machines/hand tools/whatever.. everybody can participate and with his own skill level.

5. At the end of the pre-defined time. The member who offed the idea choose his favorite light and buy it. then we randomly choose order of all the members who vote for this design and each one in his turn can choose to buy one of the lights. the lights that remain after this process are available to all BLF member to buy.

I would love to hear your thoughts .

That is a unique idea. I wonder how many builders are willing to participate though.

This is a great idea and sounds like a fun way to create new lights.

“If you build it, they will come.”

Once a set of desired lights, features, etc gets identified, then the builders will have no problem to make them—that’s what builders do; but the hardest part is not the build— it is the concept or idea of what buyers would want to be made.