An ultra high power direct drive LED driver

Here is a driver that I did for Old Lumens DIY Handbuilt contest. It is an ultra high power direct drive LED driver.

How high power, you ask? Well the LED MOSFET is rated at 60 volts, 195 amps! But that is a little misleading. The MOSFET is in a TO-220 package which one can’t really pull more than around 100 amps out of :_( Well, 60 volts at 100 amps is 6000 watts. I have actually used a very similar circuit to control a 4000+ watt composite curing oven.

The design and firmware is basically the same as my custom Sky Ray King driver: Custom SkyRay King SRK Driver

The AMC7135 current regulator chips have been replaced by the MOSFET and gate drive circuit.

It uses an external LM35 temperature sensor instead of the sensor built into the processor chip. The temperature sensor is mounted on the LED “star”.

And it has a second PWM channel for driving a thermostatically controlled fan (the hotter it is, the harder she blows J) ). The parasitic drain on the batteries is around 20 microamps.

That's a friggin DC Motor Drive, not an LED Driver :)

Funny you should ask… been there, done that. 2 Hp spindle motor.

I see deans plugs. is it going to be power by some LiPOs? :smiley:

Yep, 2x4S 6000 mAh NanoTech’s… They can put out over 1000 amps…

But the main reason for the Dean’s plugs is the fact that they can handle a lot of current and can be soldered to a PC board. The batteries have EC5 connectors on them.

Nice one pyro! so, how many of those 150W emitters are you putting in this light? :wink:

Probably just one, but might be driven at 300 watts or so… J)

At 10 amps, the MOSFET is only dropping 1/4 watt of heat. It has a 0.002 ohm on resistance.

I have no idea what you're saying, but I'm pretty sure it's awesome.

When I saw the deans plugs I could estimate the scale. Remote barbeque lighter?

What's going to be driven with this monsterfet?

The board is 2 x 2.5” and used through hole parts since I had them sitting around. If I do it over again, it will be surface mount and much smaller (and with lower capacity FETs). I’d probably also put the high-current gate driver on the second PWM channel/FET.

J) <= that emoticon pretty much sums up my feelings while reading the specs.
I’m looking forward to your build! :slight_smile:

That’s exactly how I feel as well! :bigsmile:

I you can spare couple of W you could use peltier cooler J)

Peltier coolers are a joke. They take over 20 watts of power to produce 1 watt of cooling… and you have to get rid of the 19 watts of heat somehow…

Awesome and powerful. Whether a 75x75mm CPU fan cooler can handle the heat of the LED and the driver. It should produce a lot………………of light.

hm, didn’t know that.

That is some coolness right there, TP!! >)

That's easy. Just use a second TEC to cool the first one. :party:

MOSFET pr0n:

RDSon = 0.001 Ohm
This one is in a slightly different class though, the package is somewhat large for your board :wink: