Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread

Hey guys,

No hard feelings but can you please stop derailing this thread for your discussions about the REPORT button and trolls that misuse it for reasons unknown? The last two pages here were mostly about this button and this is absolutely not helpful for following up on Sofirn’s next developments. Thank you for your understanding!


Besides following Sofirn developments are we supposed to give suggestions for their flashlights as well? Or just to check what they are doing already?
Among the off-topic conversation in the last pages I gave a suggestion, not sure if it was worth it! If this is not a “wish list” thread, please let me know and I’ll delete it :wink:

IMHO, this thread was intended to let Barry/Tracy (Sofirn) post new updates/ideas about upcoming flashlights AND of course also to involve the BLF community into Sofirn’s development process, i.e. participation in terms of suggestions for new lights, sharing criticism and praise, telling how to improve things and so on. So, from my point of view this is a “wish list” thread, too. But I don’t know if and how often Sofirn reads our posts over here.

They have mentioned in the past they want to hear suggestions in this thread. I have given some but tbh I’m not sure this information is being used as there’s no real acknowledgement or update from them. Occasionally they come back onto the thread with something mildly related like survival bag contents.

No dog in the fight but this comes to mind.

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I agree. Lately, Sofirn seems to be reluctant to reveal any new information about their latest projects such as SP70, C01 Pro or the Q8 extension tubes.

  • I would like to hear about any feedback from the poll Tracy/Zoe used to gather the actual demand for different emitters, see here:
    I'm sure there is plenty of interest into some more neutral white / warm white options in their current flashlights (e.g. Samsung LH351D 4000K 90CRI/ 5000K 70-80CRI or XP-L HI / XP-L2 4000K 70CRI) like Q8 or SP36.
  • I would like to know if NarsilM will by exchanged by Andúril for SP36/Q8 and any new lights in the future.
  • I would like to hear more about the new 26650/21700 light, that was presented to us some days ago, see here:
  • I would like to get some updates on the SP70 that appeared to be close to "release to manufacturing" before CNY.
  • I would like to get some updates on the C01 Pro that was also announced to be released very soon, see inofficial information here:
  • I would like to know if there's still any chance to make the Q8 extension tubes happen, i.e. what is the MPQ we have to reach at least? Maybe we're close to this threshold already? What are the obstacles Sofirn is facing when using it both for the Thorfire "BLF" Q8 and the Sofirn Q8? Would it be possible to stick to at least one version if it's not compatible to the other one, instead? What happens with the production samples that seem to work fine for some people who had the chance to test it?
  • There may be more things worth to discuss here, like the release of the lantern or the new headlamp that was presented here or if Sofirn has any chance to source better high drain batteries from China like PLB-55A cells for 26650 batteries.

I still have contact to another Sofirn team member on TLF but she's not that deeply involved as Tracy and Barry and therefore unable to help on these subjects.

i agree its a little quiet here on sofirns end, lots of questions etc that would be nice to get some answers on progress of upcoming models etc…

Thats exactly the point I am making, a large and heavy 10,000 lumen light that takes 8 li-ion cells is going to be sold at MUCH lower volume than a $15 AA flashlight that fits in any pocket.

Thats why for example even the GB price on the BLF GT (a single emitter, not ultra-high output light), Astrolux MF01, etc. are all still far from having “budget” prices.

The only way to make a light with that much output cheaper is to use Chinese emitters like the Haikelite Q30.

I’ve been on the fence of getting a Q8, and a SP36 to some extent, as I would like one with neutral XPL-HI or SST-20. Sure I could do an emitter swap on either the BLF Q8 or Sofirn Q8 but I’m hoping I won’t need to. Sofirn have acknowledged they’ve had these requests in the past so I’m holding out they will release versions with different emitters. I’m also hoping for nice discounts after missing out on the recent deals.

I completely forgot about this and pre-ordered an FT03. I probably wouldn’t have if there had been more information around a potential Sofirn equivalent (if that is what it is).

I think most of people’s breath is wasted in this thread. Some people have contributed reasonable ideas, some not, but regardless Sofirn comes back and comments with things like “Lets try using batteries with USB built in” or “how many LEDs does it take to get xyz lumens”. This isn’t some direct channel to their head of product development. Things that we asked for (extension tubes) are probably getting canned. Point is, they may ask for input but it’s all just for community engagement and to keep promoting their name. They came out of nowhere showing a reused design of a headlamp, they work on whatever they want, as they probably should. Don’t kid yourself that they are going to suddenly make your dream light or buy your dream LEDs to use in all their flashlights. They wont.

I should report your comment for being the truth. =P

That’s a great idea. Because I have accidentally clicked on the “mark as span” or “report” button and from what I remember, there is no confirmation asking if you really meant to click on it. Therefore I hypothesize the majority of the “rude” reports are due to accidental clicks.

I would like to see Sofirn’s active participation again too. I heard some people celebrate CNY for a month. So I can imagine when they come back, their inbox would be piled up with work they have to sort through before doing the lower priority tasks such as engaging in BLF community discussions.

Any company will respond to the level of profit or usefullness.

Unless we make a huge difference in their sales, or contribute tech for free that makes more money for them, i doubt they live and die by these threads.

Personally, i want a keychain flashlight that puts the Q8 to shame. If i had the tech and gave it away for free, I’m pretty sure any company would be my new best friend…for a while.

It is what it is.

Yep, truth spoken. We give ideas to Sofirn, Sofirn gives us glue in exchange :smiley: :person_facepalming:

(partially just kidding, sorry for the bitterness)

Personally, I can recall none of my ideas/requests (both public, both in private communication) got any interest and willingness to implement. But BLF-ers are not completely ignored (there are a few already complete projects). Still, I would be happier if we could have more feedback (and progress reports) with reliable frequency.

Once you get to a certain size and weight the shipping alone becomes a huge factor in the price. I think the average shipping cost for the GT was around $60 and certain countries got up to around $100. On the other hand a $15 AA picket light gets virtually free shipping through the subsidized China post. The cost of making those giant reflectors is way higher than normal sized reflectors as only a couple of reflector companies have the equipment and capabilities to make them in that size. They also take a lot longer to machine which adds even more to the cost.

So when you move up to really big lights the prices don’t scale up smoothly, they do a big jump up into a whole new price range.

I wouldn’t give away my design Secrets either.
Why do you think car companies testing a vehicle out on public streets covered up with all kinds of padding so you can’t tell what it is. You’re giving free suggestions to a company that’s in the business to make money not give away their secrets. If they’re putting a product on the Forum that they’re asking for thoughts on chances are it’s already in production.

Why don’t the flashlight Manufacturing companies do the same thing as car companies.
Some cars are stock items, and others you can build the way you want it, in the build your own section.
You want to stock flashlight you get what it is.
You want a custom to your liking , you pay the price.

Custom how?

Sofirm has the ability to make high output flashlight that would put Acebeam, Imalent to shame. Sofirn’s Engineering is superb. Build materials and quality excellent. On top of that pricing VERY BUDGET friendly.

The funding is sticking point. They are a smaller company so funding might be limited.

BTW, I have yet to have a Sofirn light fail on me. And I own a lot of them.