Andúril 2 coming to Sofirn - The general Sofirn development thread

You were saying earlier you would expect a 1000-1300 lumen increase. I was saying it would be about the same lumens.

There would be no increase in runtime and no change in heat. 10A at 3v is the same wattage as 5A at 6v. 10 x 3 and 5 x 6 both equal 30 watts.

You would gain throw at the expense of a smaller hot spot. This change could be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your needs.

The only real advantage we can all agree on would be better tint.

In a light other than the SP33 50.2, things might be different.

I disagree. A 6V XHP50.2 runs much more efficient at 6V 5A than a 3V XHP50.2 at 3V 10A. Regarding the lumens output I was referring to Djozz' diagram (3.500lm @5A), that's why I expected the overall output to increase. Again, what good is a 3.500lm FET light that will step down very quickly due to excess heat and that can only reach this peak value once and only with a fully charged battery while you can get a bit lower but more or less constant regulated output with better components (boost driver, higher voltage, better emitter)? My impression about SP33 is that many people were asking for the SMO reflector to get more throw. This would be a great opportunity to have both better throw and better tint without defining everything new again.

I don’t think there is any opinion as far as 10A@3v and 5A@6v. It is basic ohms law. We are talking about the same amount of power.

If you look at that diagram

you can see the dark red line which is the 50.2. It is virtually the same output at 5A@6v. And this is an older J4 bin 50.2. Newer versions have better bins with a little higher output.

Also keep in mind that just because a bare led measures 3500 lumen doesn’t mean that you will get the same from a flashlight. You always get less due to losses in the reflector/optic and lens. In the SP33 50.2 I measure about 2200 lumen out the front (OTF). I did not measure current at the emitter, but I think it’s about 2.7A or so. I measure 5.8A on the battery. 2.7A on that chart, plus the losses gives you about 2200 lumen OTF.

With a FET driver you are not regulated to 5A@6v. You might get 8A or so and then you might see 3500 lumen OTF. Of course the wattage is now 40W, a 33% increase and it will generate more heat.

If you used the SST-70 in the SP33 50.2 boost driver version you would get nicer tint and longer throw, even with the stock reflector as it’s barely textured. If that is what you want, it would be a good swap.

BTW, why are we talking about 5A@6v with the SP33 boost driver? I checked my notes and it’s way less than that. Probably about 2.7A@6v.

Every time I see this thread title I think - “I rike-a-brite rites”

Sorry, back to the regular program…

“Sofirn, So Far, So Good”. I know it has much punch when delivered by a squad of steamy cheerleaders.

or So FIRM

As like, someone to build on, a company and products to trust, a solid company.

Going off the threads on Reddit containing the same autocorrect issue every time: “Sofirn: Not Sofrin!”

The slogan can always be:

We have high quality reliable products, great customer service, and affordable prices!

No? :laughing:

I second this motion!

Thanks for your ideas!

I like that slogan, too. Originally, I would have favored our initial BLF approach of "Sofirn...turns night into day" or maybe a nice hommage to the book of Genesis by using "Sofirn...let there be light".

However, I wish we could have this phrase of yours just a little bit shorter without losing their intended message. How about these ideas?

" compromises in quality, service and price"

" trade-offs in quality, service and price"

"Sofirn...turns innovation into light"

"Sofirn...great lights at affordable prices"

"Sofirn...great lights for everyone's needs"

"Sofirn...great lights for everyone"

They also want to think about a new nice logo for a better corporate design.

I think we all agree that it would look much more appealing with a nice logo instead of their brand name simply laser-engraved in Times New Roman font. ;-)

Sofirn, when quality counts and light matters.

I don’t think that you should put a “no” in a slogan.
But as a non-native english speaker I can not think of a great slogan either.

Reliability to light your way every day.


Reliability that lights your way every day.

I fully agree. I heard that from a marketing-psychologic point of view it's always better to express things in the affirmative. I'm no native English speaker either and I want to avoid marketing disasters like some adverstisements of popular brands, e.g. Mitsubishi's "Pajero", Mazda's "LaPuta" or Chevrolet's "Nova" in Spanish-speaking countries... :FACEPALM: :D

And keep the serial comma or else I’ll get pissed.

Or maybe an homage to Genesis with Keep It Dark?


So that’s why my lantern the Pendejo never took off…

Oxford comma :wink: But yes. Any list without an Oxford comma is just plain wrong.

If I were Sofirn, I would want “unique original designs” in their slogan as well.

I like - Make light, not war. No?