Anduril 2: Configuration of post-off voltage display and battery check decimal places in a custom build

In a private conversation with @INeedMoreLumens , we were discussing whether there is a way to deactivate the post-off voltage display feature in recent Anduril versions. This is where RGB AUX LEDs indicate the battery voltage, via the AUX LED colour, for a few seconds after turning a light off before going to the user-set AUX LED mode. This has been confusing and/or annoying many people.

We were also discussing whether the 2 decimal place accuracy battery indication after 3C from OFF could be returned to it’s previous 1 decimal place accuracy.

The results might be interesting for others, so I’m posting them here.
Hope someone finds this useful and apologies if this is already well known.

Post-off Voltage

To deactivate the post-off voltage display by default, add the following to your custom anduril.h:


This doesn’t remove the feature altogether but rather configures it to be off by default. The user can still turn it back on by doing 3C from OFF, 7H second option, n clicks where n is the number of seconds for which the voltage should be displayed.

Return battery check accuracy to 1decimal place

To use 1 decimal place accuracy for the 3C battery check instead of the 2 decimal place accuracy used in some modern lights, add the following to your custom anduril.h:

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I approve! :wink:
thanks for sharing info

Anduril has several features I dislike, and for which there are no end User configurable options. Imo when new features are added, there should be end User configurable options to disable them.

This group of features lack any end User option, and I would want them Off by default. Since I have no ability to build custom Hex files, and only have the ability to reflash, I would welcome access to a Hex file for TS10 V1 and V2, and for Emisar D2, and Emisar D3A that incorporate these changes:

  1. No Two decimal voltage display for batt check.

  2. No Blinks anywhere in the ramp.

  3. No Blinkies in Simple mode

  4. No Momentary Mode at 5C.

Some default features have end User Options. I always disable these manually:

  1. Post-Off Voltage display.

  2. Smooth Steps.

  3. Turbo

  4. Aux set to High brightness

  5. Any ceilings set to 150/150

There is one new feature that Anduril needs imo

  1. Thermal regulation for blinkies.
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