Anduril 2 feature change suggestions

This is really a question rather than a feature request. I think I read at one point where TK moved access to the blinky modes into the simple mode? Is this correct ? And, if so, when did it happen.

I gave a TS10 with the latest Andruil 2 release on it to a friend and it is doing things that I didn’t expect. I think he has it it simple mode, but does have access to strobe/candle/bike flash.


Some lights have blinkies in simple mode. You can check if you are in simple or advanced by doing a battery check (3C from off). If the battery check blinks out the value more than once, it’s in advanced.

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Very true, but my question is whether my memory was correct in thinking that the inclusion of blinkies in the simple mode did become standard in a recent release of Andruil 2…

It’s me doing something wrong…or triple click to check battery while in lock out disengage the lock out???
For me it’s so, checked many times to be sure

Triple click in lock out unlocks but without switching the light on.


I believe that extended simple UI became a default in 2023 firmware revisions

For example, it is listed as added to Hank light firmware release changes on 2023-04-29:

emisar, noctigon: Added Extended Simple UI to Hank’s config, so a few more features are allowed in simple mode

The TS10 V2 ship w 2023-07-29, with extended simple UI. I believe the other 2023 firmware updates including, 2023-06-29, 2023-10-31 and 2023-12-03, all use extended simple UI.

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There is no battery check from lockout, only from unlocked/ off.

Thanks very much for that answer. That is what I thought. I gifted a TS10 and the guy is struggling a bit. He insists he is in advanced mode because he has blinkies. But that is not the way the light behaves (no cycling of voltage check). I sent him a bunch of links, but, unfortunately, a bunch of it is based on earlier versions of Andruil 2.

Thanks for verifying what I thought I remembered. Interestingly, I spent a bunch of time with Google trying to figure this out and failed to find what I wanted.

typical misunderstanding… extended simple UI confuses a lot of people into thinking their light is in advanced, when it is actually in simple mode

they need to learn to do 10H from Off if they want to be in Advanced

the only way I know to figure out what features different versions of Anduril have, is to dig into Toykeepers revision history… definitely not something Google can help with

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In addition to what @jon_slider said, for Wurkkos lights, you could check hw/wurkkos/anduril.h, which should tell you exactly what is enabled in Simple UI in the TS10. This might differ slightly per manufacturer.

Furthermore, as you mentioned that the TS10 is running the latest Anduril 2 release (2023-12-03), you might check this corresponding diagram, which includes a text box for Extended Simple UI.

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Thanks for the additional information!!

thank you for posting a link,

is that for 2023-12-03 revision date specifically?

I get lost when trying to find other revision date defaults

Can you teach me how to find the directory for TS10 V2 (RGB): 0713-2023-07-29?

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I feel a bit better in knowing that I am not the only one who gets lost in trying to understand the changes. In general, much less on a per light type basis…

I really did try to track down the answer to my original question prior to bugging the group with it… :wink:

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Sure. And totally understandable that you are getting lost there. As far as I can tell, all the files have been re-ordered and re-named with ToyKeeper moving Anduril to GitHub.

First off, the link I posted is the latest state of this file. Clicking History on the top right reveals that there is only 1 commit for this file, dating from 5 months ago. Clicking Browse History in the lower right, and again, leads to the former name of the file: wurkkos-cfg.h, path spaghetti-monster/anduril/wurkkos-cfg.h.

With this information, now we are off looking for this source file from a specific Anduril 2 release. The Release page apparently does not include a 2023-07-29 release. This might be because iirc that was a test release and not an official one. But anyway, as an example, let’s say you wanted to check the official Anduril 2 release 2023-10-31:

You go to Release 2023-10-31 and at the bottom, below “Assets”, you download Source code (zip), unpack it and navigate to spaghetti-monster/anduril/wurkkos-cfg.h, open that file with a text editor, and have a look. You would find this (excerpt):

// allow Aux Config and Strobe Modes in Simple UI

// Allow 3C in Simple UI for switching between smooth and stepped ramping

// enable 2 click turbo (Anduril 1 style)
#define DEFAULT_2C_STYLE 1

// enable SOS in the blinkies group
#define USE_SOS_MODE

This looks just like the current file version (cf. the link above). So you know that for that release, things are just the same. Maybe not completely straightforward, but I am hopeful that at least this will give you some idea. :grin:

very helpful, thanks!

thanks for confirming that when I want to know a previous revision date defaults, I have to actually download all the files, and then dig through them individually.

stuff is scattered all over the place…

I agree the 2023-07-29 revision is undocumented in the change log. Even though it is shipping on every single Wurkkos TS10 V2, there is no way I know of, to look up what defaults it uses. Nor how it may differ from the previous or later revisions…

Fortunately my enjoyment of Anduril does not depend on me knowing the answer to revision change questions… :wink:

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Yes, as long as there is no Anduril 2 diagram for each Anduril 2 release (containerfan has started this with the latest Anduril 2 release 2023-12-03) and, moreover, for each light, some digging will be required, if you really want to know. As an example, I have not looked into the source files for Wurkkos until now, but for Hanklights, I noticed back on Launchpad (before GitHub) that Extended Simple UI was added to hank-cfg.h (as the file was named back then) on 2023-04-29.

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i dont like the new 2 decimal voltage readout, preferred the single digit one. I opened a new request on the github page, so if any of you feel the same way and want it to be configurable, you can comment there.

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I agree this should be configurable but for now we can disable it in the code with:


Above code was found here:

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Thanks, this seems like a good solution for now. I was planning to learn building custom anduril with my personal configs and this seems like a good reason to start

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